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Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

If you have a gun, you should be hanged without a trial.

5 Responses to “Why are anti-gun activists so violent?”

  1. John Says:

    I suppose he supports caning for vandalism as well

  2. Adam Lawson Says:

    Maybe they’re compensating for the size of their penis.

  3. Huck Says:

    Since I’m armed, who’s going to try to hang me?

  4. mikee Says:

    This call for hangings deserves only one response, a variation on Napier’s explanation of what happens to those who practice suttee.

    Let the left raise its gibbets, around them we shall prepare to shoot those putting nooses around the necks of gun owners.

  5. John Stephens Says:

    Because they don’t expect to be doing the dirty work themselves.

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