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and the problem is?

Mans hoard of nearly 5,000 guns shows ease of amassing arms in U.S.

He had stolen property. Owning a bunch of guns is not a crime.

7 Responses to “and the problem is?”

  1. Huck Says:

    “Owning a bunch of guns is not a crime.”

    If the libNazis had their way it would be.

  2. JimB Says:

    Bla..Bla…. Bla…. Same ol’ same ol’. Seems to me dealing in stolen good is already a crime even in South Carolina.

  3. Sigivald Says:

    People never do explain how they think “having lots of guns” is dangerous or “a sign of bad stuff”, though they often think it.

    Even a mass killer only has two hands and one body – they can’t really carry more than two or three long guns (and that very awkwardly) and a few pistols, and unless they’re being edited and are named John Woo, they can’t usefully fire more than one at once.

    5,000 guns?

    No more “dangerous” than one or two.

  4. Sigivald Says:

    (Also: Nicholson had piles of allegedly stolen goods, including a zooís worth of taxidermy trophies, Brooks says, but his preference was guns and he provided a ready market for burglars who grabbed them from cabins and hunting camps. The sheriff still hasnít determined precisely how many guns in Nicholsonís cache were stolen, noting that hundreds have had their serial numbers removed so they canít be traced.

    Combined with a claim above in the story that he never sold any – which seems likely with a stockpile of 5,000, which is kind of the opposite of how black market gun sellers seem to work; what good is that inventory to them? – the ironic thing is that while, assuming the claims are true, he was breaking lots of laws, the one good thing he was doing was keeping stolen guns out of the hands of violent criminals and “off the street”.

    I’m leaning towards “compulsive hoarder” on the available data.)

  5. Kristophr Says:

    Sigivald: I agree. Compulsive hoarder.

    If you waved a gun in front of him, and quoted a price he could pay, he would force himself to buy it, no questions asked.

    Agreed, the only bright spot here is that he wouldn’t be able to make himself sell a gun to anyone, criminal or otherwise.

    I’m sure ever burglar in the county made a bee-line to him. Hopefully some of those guns will get back to their rightful owners.

  6. JTC Says:

    So, in a burg of 2000 where everybody knows him and knows he’ll guy guns no questions asked, the local popo was shocked at the number of them and that many were stolen? Right.

    And all those hunters, etc. who had their shootin’ irons taken, combined with the knowledge that this guy was the local fence, would result in justice being served privately in the real world…there’s more to this sordid tale.

  7. JTC Says:

    “he’ll BUY guns…”

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