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That gun registry we don’t have

ATF has a huge storage facility

2 Responses to “That gun registry we don’t have”

  1. HL Says:

    Irony! Constructive Intent!

  2. JTC Says:

    The writer there talks about “buying” back his 20-year old 4473’s, not a bad idea if you’re lucky enough to have bought from a local dealer that is still active.

    But of course even those could have been the subject of random trace requests that as he also mentioned are increasingly more numerous for no other reason than defacto registration.

    Even more likely to have some of your guns in a “registration” database is the filing from FFL’s to ATF form 3310’s; report of multiple sales. All handguns and all autoloading rifles with removeable magazines except .22’s but including .223 and 5.56 (wonder what they’re looking for?), when more than one is purchased within five business days, the FFL must immediately send in a report of exactly who bought exactly what.

    And don’t expect the FFL to be your buddy and notify you of any of this stuff; they’re mostly concerned with maintaining a relationship with the feds that will help them keep their livelihood ongoing…even those that are strongly pro-2A and anti-regulation respond to trace requests and file required paperwork asap, to keep on-site visits to a minimum.

    So, private sales? Hell yes, anytime you can. But bear in mind that even then the gun can be subject to a trace, and if the guy you buy from is contacted he won’t know why they are tracing it and will probably relay when and to whom it was sold, to alleviate any liability.

    You can run, but you can’t hide. Maybe 3D printing will change that at some point.