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It’s bad enough that a school would go on lock down for a kid saying the word “gun”. But, it turns out, the kid said “gum”. I guess, in their defense, schools are gum free zones. And, also, holding students in an extended class period is not a lock down, apparently.

4 Responses to “Endarkenment”

  1. MJM Says:

    I hate that word, “lockdown.” It’s so prison-state like.

  2. MJM Says:

    But, I’m sure this was a sticky situation. Little time to chew on it.

  3. mikee Says:

    Could have been worse, kid could have gone full Woody Allen and tried to rob a bank with a note that had “gub” written on it. Confusion would have ensued.

  4. tincankilla Says:

    not only was the kid a rat, but he’s a dumb rat, too.

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