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Never built one, been meaning to try

Building an AR Upper the first and the second.

8 Responses to “Never built one, been meaning to try”

  1. Nolan Says:

    Hardest part? That dust cover. Aside from that everything is following directions. If you can use a torque wrench you’ll be fine.

  2. aerodawg Says:

    What he said. Freaking front takedown detent on a lower is way harder to me than anything on an upper

  3. HL Says:

    The Modern man should build an AR-15 from top to bottom.

  4. Hank Says:

    Speaking of that front takedown pin. I bought a pre-ban Colt AR-15 that had the screw front pin. So I go to the local gunshow and found a captive push pin. Then I field stripped a butane lighter for the spring. For the detent pin I cut down a finishing nail and rounded off the point.

    I held the spring and nail down with a jeweler’s screw driver as I slipped the push pin in.


  5. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Sounds like a nice project for the Winter Months. Go for it.

  6. Dave Says:

    Just finished my first, mostly on the cheap. Mixed parts from wherever I could find the best deal…total Frankengun. Seems to have turned out OK. Haven’t zeroed it yet, so I can’t speak to accuracy, but I have test fired it and it does run. Tweet you a pic in a few.

  7. jed Says:

    I encourage you to do a full build from parts. It’s fun. And you get exactly the AR you want. I suppose the latter doesn’t matter much, if there’s a vendor selling the exact AR you want. For some of my parts, I just waited until I found a good sale price.

    Anyways, vendor shipped me the wrong no-go gauge. Right one showed up Friday. Busy weekend, but I’ll get going on it, now that I’ve checked headspace.

  8. treefroggy Says:

    Brownells has an excellent set of videos up on YouTube covering assembly of both the upper and lower on the AR15 . I used them for my first assembly .