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Watch out, Ralphie

That Red Ryder is now a firearm. At least in Minnesota.

2 Responses to “Watch out, Ralphie”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    It’s been declared a WMD in New Jersey for decades, right?

  2. CanCrusher Says:

    You’re spot-on, Rick (unfortunately)!
    BB/air guns are classified by NJ law as “firearms’. Can’t buy/accept/inherit/carry one in NJ without a FOID (Firearms Owner Identification Card).
    Evan Nappen, a premier attorney on firearms law and Rights, calls NJ “a gun owner’s hell”.
    If you DO live in NJ, GET OUT – ANY WAY YOU CAN.
    If you DON’T live in NJ, DON’T GO TRAVEL THERE.