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What he said

If the powers that be don’t play by the rules, you shouldn’t either.

2 Responses to “What he said”

  1. Justaguy Says:

    At a certain point a prosecutor, judge, and even a cop needs to fear the possibility of finding themselves in the possibility of Joe public judging them with the caliber of his choice.

    While I don’t advocate the use of vigilantism when we have a perfectly good justice system… if that justice system has become a criminal cartel… is it really vigilantism?

  2. Stuart the Viking Says:


    Yes, by every definition I have seen, it IS still vigilantism. However, that doesn’t mean it would be immoral or wrong in a case, as you state, where the “justice system has become a criminal cartel”.

    I don’t believe, we are at that point… yet… but it sure looks like the needle has drifted in that direction.

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