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So, they have a cartoon

ISIS mocks Coexist stickers with their own sticker.

Well, here’s mine:


5 Responses to “So, they have a cartoon”

  1. treefroggy Says:

    I thought that was Diversity .

  2. tincankilla Says:

    i want you coexist sticker for my gun cabinet.

  3. JTC Says:

    ‘Sbeautiful, man. Like tck says, there’s a market if you can find somebody to print up stickers…I’ll buy some to give away in the shop.

  4. Shrimp Says:

    JTC, they have them on Amazon.

    Also, strangely enough, I found this on Cafepress

  5. JTC Says:

    Thank you Shrimp, I misunderstood, thought it was Unc’s design and he could make a buck off them if I bought some. But for 7.50 a pop maybe I won’t be handing ’em out gratis anyway.