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More on fireclean

Even if it’s not Crisco, some issues with the advertising video. And most people don’t understand this sciency stuff.

For the record, I’ve not bought a clean or lube in a long time. I always seem to get them for free at industry events. I’ve never had a problem with any of them.

4 Responses to “More on fireclean”

  1. Mike V. Says:

    When I went through the police academy (admittedly in the late 70s), we fired .38 caliber reloads that were VERY SMOKY. If the theory that gunsmoke = a cleaner gun were true, we wouldn’t have spend hours cleaning our pistols. I’ve always understood smoke to indicate a slower, burning powder which will leave more carbon and gunk to clean. Most modern ammo has fast burning (cleaner) powder. My knee jerk reaction it that the Cor Bon case was reloaded.

  2. pawnshopguy Says:

    I read the company response. He said a lot in his response. He did not however say that his product is not canola oil.

  3. James Brack Says:

    Mobile One and Ed’s Red is all you need. Covers just about everything.

  4. blindshooter Says:

    Motor oil, Hoppes #9 and Kroil mixed 50/50, and Moly grease.
    I do have some ammonia based bore cleaner for the really fouled rifle bore.

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