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Magical gun goo

It’s Crisco.

5 Responses to “Magical gun goo”

  1. mikee Says:

    I recall that the oiler included with my Mosin contained a foul smelling, viscous liquid that I could not differentiate from used motor oil, or maybe 100 year old diesel fuel. Hey, it keeps the rifle’s metal bits shiny.

    The problem with specialized products that are sold in tiny containers based on marketing rather than reality is that they cost so much.

    If Canola works as well as most of the other stuff out there, who am I to buy Rem Oil at $6 per four ounce bottle? And what is Rem Oil, anyway, other than something close to filtered diesel fuel?

  2. comatus Says:

    Whale oil really smells funny, to the modern whale-free nose. If you have a limited-slip differential, you’ve probably gotten a whiff. Hard to replicate its properties.

    Before oil refining got all sciency, some cities used to sell their garbage, then rich in animal fats, to be pressed and rendered into machine lubricants. Those were pressure-sensitive greases, though, not just protectants.

  3. M Gallo Says:

    Watching this has been interesting. With general scientific illiteracy (including in portions of the scientific community) it is no wonder people got so wrapped up in the climate change shit. Long story short, that testing doesn’t mean much, and even if it did it is largely immaterial since the efficacy of a product is basically determined at point of use. You know: does it work?

  4. Patrick Says:

    Hilarious. I went through the patent. If you have ever filed a patent, you’ll have fun reading this one. Apparently it is violation if you were to spread veg oils (or specifically, any three veg oils with smoke-points above 200 F, where one of those oils accounts for greater than 25% of the volume) onto your gun, using any method to include spraying, heat transfer or just rubbing it on. I didn’t see a method for “dipping” though, so…

    Of course, the little problem is a thing called “prior art”. Find an article somewhere where someone slapped some canola mix onto a gun, and the patent is absurdly useless.

    I have a bottle of Slip EWL around here, but use whatever I got lying around. I have used canola oil in a pinch, but never mixed three veg oils together, so I am safe from a patent violation for the moment.

    I don’t fall for gun schlock. For example, I buy only 100% certified PUSS for sling management – because you really cannot trust anything else.

  5. Bill Says:

    Anyone care to discuss or rebut this?

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