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Regal to search bags of movie goers


Two weeks after at attack on a movie theater in Antioch, Tenn., moviegoers in Knoxville are noticing new security measures.

Theaters owned by Knoxville-based Regal Entertainment Group have posted signs out front warning patrons that “backpacks and bags of any kind are subject to inspection…”

Because no one will carry a gun, say, on their person. And harassing the law-abiding is sure to drum up business!

15 Responses to “Regal to search bags of movie goers”

  1. Lyle Says:

    Some very small minority of LIVs will feel safer being harassed, sompared to being left alone.

  2. Allen Says:

    What better place for security theatre, than the theatre?

  3. Joe Huffman Says:

    Been there and done that. It’s Theater Security Theater.

  4. Ken in NH Says:

    I’ll bet it is an excuse to search for outside food and drinks.

    IANAL, but they’ll probably regret this decision if someone does shoot up one of their theaters. They are taking on liability by doing these searches and I can see a victim suing them for not being thorough or competent enough.

  5. Critter Says:

    used prophylactics in the side pocket of my pack. yep, that’s the ticket.

  6. Ron W Says:

    These searches and a “no guns” sign will keep’em FEELING safe.

  7. The_Jack Says:

    Bitter has a pretty good theory on why the searches are being done.

    In short: Theater’s make almost all of their money off of concesions and basically none from tickets. So having a justification to search bags for “outside food and drink” would be very helpful fiscally.

  8. John Says:

    Oh great another TSA “Sir I’m gonna have to check your…” you get the point.

  9. Linoge Says:

    And what, exactly, are the high-school dropouts taking one’s ticket at the theaters going to do when they discover a firearm in someone’s satchel?

  10. mikee Says:

    This isn’t even security theater for the public, as it is so obviously non-secure.

    This is likely the result of some single executive in the theater hierarchy insisting that “something” be done about guns in theaters. This is something, so it is done at that executive’s insistence, and that executive is mollified.

    It matters not what the result is on the employees or the customers or the bottom line, the executive is no longer complaining, so everyone is satisfied that the plan is working.

    Can they refuse admission if I refuse the search? I have a ticket!

  11. mike w. Says:

    always wondered about that Mikee. If I’ve already paid for the ticket and have it in hand, but you deny me entry, I fully expect to get my ticket price refunded.

  12. The_Jack Says:

    From a profit standpoint they’d be more likely to refund your ticket.

    Ain’t too much loss there.

    Now if you demand a refund on your coke, popcorn, or candy? Well…. *then* they’d get angry.

    Heck, from a usage standpoint they’d prefer it if you come in buy some candy et al, and carry it out of the theatre. It’s not like you sitting in the seat is required for them to make their money.

  13. Jake Says:

    @Linoge: Now, now, be nice. Most ticket takers are not high-school dropouts – yet. Most of them are still high-school students. 😛

  14. Jake Says:

    Okay, that last bit was supposed to be a tongue-out smiley face. Not sure why it came out all foreign looking.

  15. bob in houston Says:

    I’ve been getting my backpack or helmet searched for years, sheesh, get caught bringing in your own ziplock bag full of fried shrimp just once and you’re suspect for life!

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