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Colt LE6920 with gray furniture

A bit back, PDB mentioned on the bookface that Colt was now making 6920s sans furniture (well, a pistol grip to keep springs in). I put that in the back of my mind and, while cleaning out the gun stuff the other day, found that I had a full set of gray Magpul furniture. I purchased the LE6920 from Tombstone Tactical, for a great price ($720 and shipping). After it arrived, I realized it also didn’t have a trigger guard. Anyway, here it is out of the box:


And here it is decked out in gray:


So, basically, $720 for a gun, a few bucks for a transfer, and $150 for Magpul goodies gets you into a damn fine AR-15.

2 Responses to “Colt LE6920 with gray furniture”

  1. Paul Kisling Says:

    Interesting. When did charcoal briquet become grey…

  2. NotClauswitz Says:

    AR Fitz Special! šŸ™‚

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