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Bill: Note that the graph goes up whenever the government tries to make everyone a better person somehow, and falls when they give up

3 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. Ian Argent Says:

    Post hoc, propter hoc. More likely that gun control follows that rise in homicide rates, due to the old saw about “Something must be done, This is Something, therefore This must be done!”

    Also, gratuitous union bashing not helpful

  2. Lyle Says:

    “…gratuitous union bashing not helpful”

    If it’s true, there’s no reason to run away from it. Even the unions shouldn’t run away from it. If they still support wholesale violations of the second amendment, let them come forward and declare it. If they no longer support second amendment violations, then let them come forward and explain their error and how they were deceived, apologize for it, and make amends by advocating gun rights and paying restitution to victims of gun laws.

    I for one am tired of hiding truths in fear of offending someone. If the unions supported second amendment violations, then why cover for them? Who does that help?

    Things happen for reasons. We’re not allowed to address those reasons? Then we’re insane, or evil, and we deserve what’s coming.

    The only beef I have with the graph is that it is totally lacking in citations and therefore I can’t use it anywhere, for anything. It is worthless. As the saying goes; “Citation needed”. All the more so if it looks good for the cause of liberty. Citation needed!

  3. Ian Argent Says:

    It’s gratuitous because it’s politically inflammatory. IT doesn’t offer anything – the graph is just as meaningful without saying it; the point is that gun control laws don’t work. It really doesn’t matter that unions, or patronage machines, or what have you, want them enacted. It doesn’t matter WHO wants them enacted. All it does is muddy the water.