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Midnight Rider Marksmen

A regular reader emailed me about his new endeavor, Midnight Rider Marksmen:

I am proud to announce the launch of Midnight Rider Marksmen (MRM), a new national non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public in American history, supporting the shooting sports, and promoting civic engagement.

MRM is named in honor of Paul Revere and the other brave riders who rode through the night to warn American patriots that “the regulars were out!” on April 19th, 1775.

Our organization has about 60 instructors in over a dozen states and we are looking to schedule events throughout 2015. We expect to start getting initial events on the books in the next 60 days or so. We would greatly appreciate it if you occasionally link your readers to our site, especially as we start to roll out events in your area. Our first event in the field was providing about a dozen volunteers to support the NRA Annual Meeting Youth Day events.

7 Responses to “Midnight Rider Marksmen”

  1. MattCFII Says:

    Was there some kind of split in Appleseed that caused this?

  2. Kevin P. Says:

    This name is way too easy for the left to slander as Night Rider / KKK to the low information voting public.

  3. Chris from MRM Says:


    Thanks for bringing up this issue! MRM has a non-discrimination policy in our bylaws and on our website:

    Non-Discrimination Policy: “Membership in the MRM is open to all citizens of good repute without regard to age (except as stipulated by law), ethnic origin, gender, physical ability, race, religious or sexual preferences.”

    We also proudly display a “Bucks of America” flag to highlight the contributions made by Americans of many ethnicities.

    We are going to address the branding issue at our annual member’s meeting and see if rebranding is wise.


    Our members tend to have hundreds or thousands of hours of volunteer service and instruction time with a variety of organizations.

    Please feel free to write with any questions!


  4. Joe Hooker Says:

    Boy am I disappointed! Here I thought it was named after the old Allman Brothers tune. Still would make a good theme song.

  5. tincankilla Says:

    looks like an interesting org! Appreciate the non-discrimination policy and will share with the Liberal Gun Club.

  6. Isaac davis Says:

    Sigh. I suppose this was bound to happen. Committed folks who believe in the mission of Project Appleseed but who have lost faith with that organization’s ability to achieve it are not going to just stand by. Now we have TWO groups seemingly trying to do the exact same thing. You’d think that more could be done for the cause of liberty by “hanging together” but humans being who they are, cohesion is a hard thing. Not taking sides, just lamenting the overall situation and lost opportunities that fragmentation brings to our cause. Good luck to your group. I do think that your choice of name risks a negative branding image with the general public.

  7. @tahDeetz Says:

    Competition, The American Way!

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