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Brilliant: Put your rear sight in front of the red dot sight

I was kicking around the NRA show floor when, at the Trijicon booth, I saw this Zev custom Glock:


And I thought “That sight is on wrong. How odd.”

As I’ve mentioned, I snagged a M&P9 Pro CORE. The iron sights on it are behind the RMR. Acquiring the red dot sight on it took some getting used to.

Thinking the sight was wrong, I brought up the sight picture. Immediately. I was amazed at how fast I could bring the dot on target. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for why putting the iron in front of the red dot sight makes it zippier. But I don’t know what it is.

Now, I need to find a good custom slide maker for M&Ps. Or where to buy one. Anybody?

8 Responses to “Brilliant: Put your rear sight in front of the red dot sight”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    Well, damn.

    I’d love a dot on my M&P too. Lemme know when you get yours done 😉

  2. SayUncle Says:

    It has one. Just want the irons moved

  3. Bobby Says:

    Some years ago I read an article by Jeff Gonzalez Trident Concepts. He said having the rear site in front of the RMR made using the iron sights easier since it meant that you were utilizing a single focal plane.

  4. FerosFerio Says:

    Atei in Michigan. Highly recommend dougs work.

  5. bobby Says:

    ^ as an aside, Doug doesn’t run a read sight on his personal RMR’d pistol.

  6. weambulance Says:

    I don’t see why it would matter, since if you line up your iron sights the red dot should be there regardless of the position of the rear sight. But I’ve never used a slide mounted red dot myself, so who knows. I guess a shorter sight radius is quicker to line up?

  7. Matt Says:

    If you check out, there are some guys that have pretty extensive time behind MRDS-equipped pistols. Based on my understanding, the gist is that you should work to reach a point where you aren’t referencing your irons. If you’re using your irons to find the dot, you’re losing time. Instead, the goal should be to get a consistent index that put the dot in your FOV.

  8. JLE Says:

    Plus it helps protect the rmr should you need to manipulate the slide with only a one handed grip.