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NRA AM observations: day one

There is more open carry derpa in the press room than on the show floor.

There are a ton of new gun blogs and I haven’t heard of any of them.

Apparently, people like to walk four abreast and then come to a stop in the walkways.

As a people watcher, I watched a press crew. They watched people walk by as though they were looking for something. Then, it happened. Here comes a black guy. And they pounce. Turns out, it was Colion Noir. So, I’m sure that didn’t go as the press planned. Snagged a photo:


What’s funny about it is that right behind the news crew is a giant banner with a picture of they guy they’re talking to on it.

3 Responses to “NRA AM observations: day one”

  1. mariner Says:

    I hope you have a chance to get Colion’s after-action report.

  2. ben Says:


  3. Bob Owens Says:

    Do we know if they published the interview?