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New twist on round wars

The Army and Marines disagree on M855

3 Responses to “New twist on round wars”

  1. KM Says:

    The services met with the subcommittee to discuss Fiscal 2016 modernization efforts — a touchy subject these days since the Pentagon is facing another round of mandatory budget cuts under sequestration in 2016.

    They are still talking this bullshit?
    Their budget is increasing, as in “getting bigger”, like it has every year – that is NOT a “cut”.

  2. Sid Says:

    KM, almost. The budget totals are growing, but most of the spending is in fixed line items that the services do not control. If Congress votes for a pay raise for service members, it comes from the budget. If one senator wants them to buy $4 gazillion in useless widgets for a discontinued truck/plane/ship, it comes from the budget. Discretionary spending is being cut. The congressional leaders are actually asking the right question. Why are the two primary shooting services not reaping from economy of scale by purchasing the same damn bullets for the same damn rifles?

  3. Lyle Says:

    All I know is that it shoots fairly well in my 7″ twist ARs. For that reason I keep a modest supply of M855. 69 grain BTHP shoots better though.

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