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How a lightning link works

I never really understood it until now:

2 Responses to “How a lightning link works”

  1. HL Says:

    I have never looked at a burst trigger kit, nor any AR Setup that has two disconnectors…I notice there is no auto-sear. Interesting.

    I wonder if the effort to defeat the Lightning Link is where the “high-shelf” style AR lower–that is now predominant–came from.

    I never saw the point in the high-shelf design as a means to thwart those looking to illegally convert their SA to FA, because the Auto Sear wouldn’t fit without opening up the cavity anyway, even on a low-shelf model. Maybe it wasn’t designed to defeat a standard Auto Sear, but rather a LL.

    Anyone know for sure?

  2. Jordan Says:

    Very informative video! It pretty clearly demonstrates how this works, like you I’d always been a little confused by it. Thanks so much for sharing!