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What everyone needs

The world’s first commercially available flame thrower.

6 Responses to “What everyone needs”

  1. mikee Says:

    It wasn’t government military arsenals making the flame throwers of WWI, WWII, etc., it was commercial manufacturers with government contracts.

    And I bet more than one went home with a company executive for the weekend, to amuse the kids.

  2. Linoge Says:

    Hell, there’s more than a few sources of full-up built flamethrowers now. This one’s just grabbing attention because of the crowdfunding aspect.

  3. Ponklemoose Says:

    They need to redesign that goofy tank so it can be mounted under your favorite EBR.

    As a bonus the pants wetting hysteria will more than solve California’s drought.

  4. KevinM Says:

    In 1975, I was a teenager working farm and timber labor.

    We used a 5 gallon commercial quality insecticide sprayer to burn brush. Had a flint lighting dohickey at the nozzle that was tricky. 50/50 Varsol and Red diesel.

    It would go a good 50 feet, and way more downhill.

    Beside the mandatory hunting with no limits, was the best part of the job.

  5. Bubblehead Les Says:

    As a former WW2 Re-enactor, I have seen several Demos of Flamethrowers being used. I’ve even strapped one on just get a “Feel” for how it would be to have to carry one. VERY Heavy and Bulky!

    Actually, it’s Too Bad that the U.S. Gooberment has removed that Capability from the Military Arsenal (along with Napalm). I’m sure that there were more than a few Caves in the Hills of Afghanistan that could have used a few “Shots” of Petrol in the Entrance before we sent in Troops to clear them.

    And a few Napalm Drops on those ISIS Barbarians might show those Bastards how “Things are Done Downtown!”

  6. Andrew Says:

    I saw at a gun show a couple years ago, a Mortar, a Thompson (SMG), and a WW2 Flamethrower.

    It may have been a reproduction, as it “only” cost $2000 to purchase.

    It brought back memories of the “beach scene” on Saving Private Ryan. Both the “Burn it, Doyle…and the guy whose pack blew up.

    Torn on this. I’d rather have one that was like the model in Aliens…using, say, those little propane bottles, but I’m sure those would empty out real fast.