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“They schooled me”

Why he was wrong about gun owners. They can be taught:

2 Responses to ““They schooled me””

  1. MD Citizen Says:

    Jack McCauley is the real deal. He is not lying – he was on the other side and then converted based on being a professional and actually studying the issue after the Woollard decision looked like it was going to bring Shall Issue to MD.

    The part of the story you don’t know: he put his badge on the desk and walked away when he was ordered by Governor Martin O’Malley to not honestly answer questions posed by the legislature in 2013. O’Malley’s top aide put her finger in McCauley’s chest and ordered him to not answer a question, because the Governor would not like the answer. She did this in front of the legislators, in a private meeting.

    He quit and in the process gave up a lot of money and a lot of future upside. He was on the fast-track but put it all aside.

    This guy needs to be working with NRA. He needs to be all over our nation. Jack McCauley is the epitome of what we want to see nationwide – so let’s see NRA pick him up and help the man who helped all of us.

  2. KM Says:

    I would love to see Mr. McCauley give this same speech to NJ, NY, CA and any other city, county or state that thinks gun owners are crazy rednecks just itching to shoot someone.