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That seems kind of useless

Clipfort, a biometric magazine substitute that locks up the gun:

8 Responses to “That seems kind of useless”

  1. Fin Says:

    What’s a “clip”? Shouldn’t they call it Magfort? So much fail …….

  2. Joel Says:

    The video spent so much time on antigun talking points there wasn’t time to tell us much about the actual product. Is this a magazine that locks up the slide (how?) and only unlocks when you scan your fingerprint? Or is it a gadget the replaces the mag and prevents the gun from being loaded?

    How much am I expected to pay for a gadget that breaks my gun?

    Seriously, I think people would find gun owners less hostile about the whole concept of “smart” guns if all such discussions didn’t involve the word Mandate. Absent the rational fear of government mandates, somebody might find this a good idea. Not me, but maybe somebody.

  3. MAJMike Says:

    This looks like a solution in search of a problem.

  4. boardsnbikes Says:

    What about a round in the chamber? Is there a TriggerFort I can get for $1995.00 to solve that problem?

  5. SgtRed Says:

    Having spent some time in the returns department of a major online retailer that sells biometric safes, I must say this is a terrible idea.

  6. The_Jack Says:

    The snake oil is extra strong because it doesn’t even have the “integral lock” that’s supposed to be the selling point of “smart guns”.

    No… this is an aftermarket lock that you stick into the gun to keep the slide from going forward. Huh… familiar no?

    Honestly… what advantages does this confer over a firearm cable lock looped through the magwell and slide ejection port?

    Oh wait, those exist and are pretty inexpenstive. And they also work even if a round were, somehow, still chambered.

    I mean that biometric has a tough hill to climb to be more reliable /and/ quicker than a combo lock or key.

  7. Lyle Says:

    What about the twenty trillion children who die every second from guns? Who is speaking for them? If it can save the life of just one child, you know.
    Oh and; free abortions for everyone!

    Seriously though, all I get form this is; “guns are icky and scary, and the more they can be disabled, complicated, or otherwise hindered the better off we all are”.

    Besides; criminals need a fighting chance too, and so it’s only fair that they should not only have the element of surprise working for them, they need a further head start by having YOUR gun temporarily disabled. After you’re finished fiddle-fucking around with your stupid electronic lock, finding the real magazine in the dark and getting it seated, it’ll be too late, and the tragic shooting of a criminal (another child victim of gun violence) will thus have been prevented.

  8. Jim Says:

    Glock mags are common. Unless you need to swipe to reload. The fail it burns.

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