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Black Powder Kaboom

There went the cylinder:

7 Responses to “Black Powder Kaboom”

  1. Cemetery's Gun Blob Says:

    I tend to agree with the comments at tube of you, sounds like they used ‘white’ powder (as it was called ‘back in the day’) as opposed to real ‘black’….

  2. nk Says:

    Chain fire will do it too, if the adjoining chambers are not sealed properly. 4fg priming powder will also detonate if you compress enough of it as a regular load. And then there’s the question of the quality of replicas. Particularly brass frames!

  3. nk Says:

    But looking at the video again, I’m with Cemetery. There isn’t enough smoke for blackpowder or Pyrodex.

  4. TicTac Says:

    I once stopped a total stranger at a big-box sporting retailer (whose gun counter clerk should have known better) from leaving with a pound of Red Dot smokless powder that they had given him to go with his new 1851 Remington.
    This is why.
    That wasn’t Black Powder or a suitable substitue. They’re lucky that only the revolver was destroyed. As I told the guy that day, “Don’t shoot that powder in that revolver if you think you might ever need to order ten beers in a noisy bar.”

  5. Bill Twist Says:

    I concur, he wasn’t using black powder or an appropriate substitute. Nowhere near enough smoke.

  6. Bill Twist Says:

    @nk: Chain fires in cap and ball revolvers *ONLY* happen if you are using improperly sized projectiles. If the ball or slug doesn’t need some force on the loading lever to get it in the chamber, it’s too small. For balls, you should be shaving a little ring of lead off the ball and on to the chamber mouth. Putting things like patch lube or Crisco over the bullets won’t help: It gets blown off all the unfired chambers after the first couple of shots.

    And I’ve never heard of even compressed 4F detonating (ie., generating a supersonic shockwave instead of just very rapid deflagration). You can make it “explode” by confining it, even by igniting the bottom of a large pile of it (the weight of the powder above the ignition point provides the necessary containment), but I’ve never heard of black powder actually detonating.

  7. Kristophr Says:

    Chain fire is unlikely. Not enough smoke.

    He put smokeless in the chambers, and is lucky he still has his hand.