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Bill Haslam, post election: Hey, let’s not pander to those gun guys any more

Don’t rush gun bills before NRA meeting in Nashville

Also, he’s opposing 11 of the 27 pro gun bills. Of note, to me, are:

Opposition to lifetime permits and exempting permit holders from background checks. The state needs tax money, yo.

Opposition to removing prohibition of guns in schools and parks. Because those permit holders who don’t gun people down at Target will suddenly start shooting at a a school.

3 Responses to “Bill Haslam, post election: Hey, let’s not pander to those gun guys any more”

  1. Ron W Says:

    What about the Governor and Legislatirs keeping their oath to uphold the State Constitution, particularly Article I, Section 26 of the DECLARATION OF RIGHTS. That is their duty! All the gun bills are pursuant to that declared RIGHT unless it involves how we wear what we carry.

  2. Crawler Says:

    I say let Haslam whine all he wants.

    If I’m not mistaken, there are enough veto override votes to make his unsubstantiated opinions and wants moot and irrelevant.

    Haslam must’ve forgot Tennessee suffered 18 years with a leftist extremist at the helm in the House.

  3. Mike V. Says:

    As long as Beth Harwell is House Speaker, she’ll keep any legislation Haslam does not support from getting a floor vote. And don’t forget that until shortly before he announced he would run for governor, he belonged to MAIG.

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