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Gun bills in Tennessee

It’s “gun week” at the Tennessee legislature.

Training guy wants to train.

7 Responses to “Gun bills in Tennessee”

  1. Mike V. Says:

    I teach the HCP class, I don’t have a problem with Constitutional Carry. Thing is, in order to carry out of state you’ll still need a HCP permit.

  2. wizardpc Says:

    Smooth sailing in the Senate (they mostly hate the Governor), but the house will be tricky. I doubt it makes it to the governor’s desk.

  3. Ron W Says:

    Constitutional Carry is precisely pursuant to Article I, section 26 of our State Constitution’s Declaration of Rights, therefore every Legislator and the Governor are bound by their oath of office to support it. And candidate Haslam promised at a Tennessee Firearms Associstion to sign it if passed.

  4. Drang Says:

    “Training guy wants to sell you training.”

  5. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    The motivations of law making is rent seeking or fence building. “Training” is nothing but rent seeking behavior.

  6. Patrick Says:

    Mark Coffey is general manager of Tactical Advantage Corp. in Farragut, TN.

    He wants you to pay him to exercise your civil right to self-defense. Mark Coffey wants to be your government-approved gatekeeper to your civil-rights.

    Mark Coffey of Tactical Advantage Corp is not your friend.

    My $.02.

  7. Someone You Know Says:

    Dear Say Uncle:

    Damn, … Everybody already beat me to it!

    Sincerely, SYK