How many water balloons does it take to stop a bullet?

8 Responses to “How many water balloons does it take to stop a bullet?”

  1. Ken in NH says:

    So, step behind this blast shield for safety, but only use your fingers for hearing protection? Why didn’t Chuck, “one of the greatest firearm experts of all time” call BS on their safety protocols?

  2. KCSteve says:

    Actually at least the girl in red has ear plugs in. You can see them just before she puts her fingers over them.

  3. mikee says:

    I prefer the older but infinitely more reliable Box O’ Truth, wherein layers of drywall, sandbags, auto glass, etc., were utilized to test expansion and penetration of bullets in a rather systematic fashion.

    Will my Glock 19 loaded with Hydrashocks shoot through 2 layers of 0.5″ drywall? Yes, but expansion is nil and the bullet cavity is filled with gypsum.

    Water balloons? Don’t know when, if ever, I will have to take cover behind layered water balloons, or try to shoot through such a barrier.

  4. matt d says:

    I guessed 6, but I assumed ball ammo.

  5. jefferson101 says:

    My impression of the whole exercise was that it seemed to me to be an awfully light load.

    Way back in the last millenium, some of my running buddies and I were shooting gallon milk jugs full of water with a 9×18 Makarov, and it took four or five of the gallon jugs to stop a round.

  6. Kevin Baker says:

    Jefferson, that was with ball ammo, right?

  7. Weer'd Beard says:

    Kevin, also unless it was the Hornady stuff that has recently hit the market, I don’t think there has been any other 9×18 load that actually expands under any circumstances.

  8. jefferson101 says:

    Kevin, it was ball. I don’t think we ever managed to find any HP 9×18 until about 2000 or so.

    It was the standard white box with green lettering copper washed stuff, Uly manufacture if I’m remembering correctly.

    OTOH, again if my memory serves, that stuff chrono’d out at about 1050 FPS, give or take a few, so it wasn’t what one would consider to be really high horsepower.