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Odd, given the political leanings of FedEx CEO

FedEx refusing to ship Defense Distributed’s CNC mill

12 Responses to “Odd, given the political leanings of FedEx CEO”

  1. rickn8or Says:

    You mean the company that refuses to allow it’s CCW-licensed employees to keep their guns in their cars in the company’s parking lots?

    The company that has a quasi-legal “No Guns, No Knives’ sign by the door of all their customer-contact points?

    THAT FedEx??

  2. jay Says:

    after the dealings i’ve had with their clerks, i’m not surprised by anything coming out of fedex middle management.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    FedEx is the reason employers can still fire you for having a gun in your car in Tennessee. This is not surprising at all.

  4. HL Says:

    I will not be choosing Fedex as my shipper any longer. I realize they don’t care, but I do.

  5. Paul Kisling Says:

    If you think Fed Ex Middle management is bad you ought to run into the upper management. They take being incompetent twats to new levels. Lately they have been screwing over their owner operator OT sub contractors. Fed-Ex does not and never has given a damn about anything other than Fed-Ex Corporate.

  6. D2K Says:

    UPS also, the wired article is the place to go for firsthand reporting. Andy Greenberg is the one that actually got a response other than no out of FedEx and UPS.

  7. D2K Says:

    Though he needs a new picture, that’s the prototype, the shipping ones look very different.

  8. EgregiousCharles Says:

    I think the business decision is different. How much profit would UPS or FedEx make on shipping these mills, and how much would they lose from an ATF raid on a large headquarters building? (Think the bullshit Ares Armor raid.)

    Work disruptions are really expensive. And Corporate would probably have to fight/settle lawsuits from some secretaries claiming that their decision to ship was the cause of emotional trauma.

    In other words I think the decision is more probably due to plain initimidation rather than political leanings.

  9. wizardpc Says:

    Charles may have a point, there. FedEx did recently get charged with drug trafficking because some of their customers illegally sent prescription drugs via FedEx:–finance.html

  10. Mike Says:

    Looks to me like Operation Chokepoint, round two.

    Both FedEX and UPS are very sensitive to the whims of regulators. I can’t imagine they would do something like this on their own initiative, not both of them at once.

  11. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    If, during the UPS strike many years ago (which BTW put some other corps out of business), I had had a package in their warehouse, [deity of your choice] help them if they’d tried to stop me retrieving it. I’ve been more favorable to FedEx because they’re non-union, but what kind of dumbass refuses business? I’m disgusted with all of them.

  12. DocMerlin Says:

    “but what kind of dumbass refuses business”
    – The kind that is afraid (and rightly so) of the ATF. We won’t win until all federal police agencies are gone.