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Get a collectible flintlock, get ten years:

Simone reported that Gordon was arrested last November while heading home after lunch. A Cumberland County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled over Gordon for a traffic violation, but wanted to search his car. Upon discovering a flintlock pistol in the glove compartment, VanGilder said that another deputy wanted to let him go since he knew the firearm was an antique. The Sheriff disagreed. VanGilder was arrested the following morning, and faces up to ten years in prison; three and a half to five years of that sentence must be served before parole can be considered.

How’s Chris Christie on guns?

5 Responses to “In NJ”

  1. MattW Says:

    Christie will nod emphatically and say he supports the Second Amendment while at the same time signing gun control legislation with his hand behind his back.

  2. Bram Says:

    Christie is only slightly better than horrible because he’s running for President.

  3. Jdunmyer Says:

    To be fair, I’d bet that the laws being used to persecute this guy were passed before Christie became governor. Also, to be fair, didn’t he have a hand in a couple of ‘offenders’ getting let go? (Said ‘offenders’ were caught doing acts that wouldn’t have drawn a second look from law enforcement in America.)

    Not that I have a lot of use for Christie otherwise, but….

  4. John A Says:

    Jdunmyer beat me to it. This has been BJ law for a while.

    Mr. Gordon did violate State nut not National law, almost certainly without even realizing it. And I would like to se NJ reform its law. But I am not in favor of resolving the differences in the laws ny having Federal entirely pre-empt “lower level entities” such as States, which is what I at first took from the conclusion of Mr. Vespa`s article.

  5. Sebastian Says:

    To be fair, Christie couldn’t do anything about New Jersey’s gun laws even if he wanted to. Until this guy gets convicted, pardon isn’t an option. As New Jersey governors go, he hasn’t been that bad. Better than Christie Whitman was, for sure.

    But the country needs better than “as New Jersey governor’s go.”

    He was willing to sign a bill that said gun rights could be denied without due process of law, because of your presence on a secret government list you can’t know about, and can’t contest. That was enough to ruin him for me.

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