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@shannonrwatts fails again

Tries to get a chicken chain to ban guns. They tell her to pound sand.

3 Responses to “@shannonrwatts fails again”

  1. MattW Says:

    To all those people saying “Yeah! Cane’s supports our right to Open Carry! Let’s show them our support by showing up with our rifles in the low-ready position while also trying to keep our cheeto stained sweat pants from falling down!”


    All they said was what Starbucks once initially said: Leave us out of this

  2. Ron W Says:

    shannonrwatts, can’t this be resolved with a “pro-choice”, “diversity and tolerance” attitude?

  3. The_Jack Says:

    MattW: Indeed. Right now it’s MDA that’s trying to drag Cane and force them to deal with politics.

    It doesn’t help our side to mirror MDA’s actions. Let them be the irritant that keeps Cane from doing what they want to do: sell chicken.

    The best thing out side can do is honor Cane’s wishes. Shame there isn’t one near me (No I wouldn’t go their to *make a statement* other than with my wallet).