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OC in Texas

The activism got panic buttons put in and now the votes for OC aren’t there. Groan.

4 Responses to “OC in Texas”

  1. Paul Kisling Says:

    I doubt the votes were ever ‘there’…

  2. mikee Says:

    I live outside Austin. The votes are there, and TX LtGov Dan Patrick, who runs the legislature, stepped barefoot into a large pile of bovine excrement with his statement about OC. Talk radio KLBJ just piled some more manure on top, with 2 hours of pro-rights callers today.

    Campus carry is about as sure a thing to pass this term as anything can be. And of the 6 or 7 Open Carry bills submitted, 19 of 21 Republican state senators sponsored one of them. So we have that going for us, which is a nice thing.

  3. DocMerlin Says:

    The votes are there, we’ve counted them. Dan Patrick was just seeing what he could get away with and has since relented.

    Open carry will pass (it takes 19 senators to pass a bill), and 19 of them have signed onto some OC bill or another. At the point the question is: will unlicensed carry or licensed carry pass.

  4. DocMerlin Says:

    Sorry, It is 16 to pass a bill, but realistically without 19 it is hard.

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