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Gun nuts gonna gun nut

Crimson Trace says store clerks hinder their sales. And their products will give away your position!

I kid. That’s a dumb thing to say. I love Crimson Trace lasers and have them on all but one carry gun, which has a red dot on it.

17 Responses to “Gun nuts gonna gun nut”

  1. Paul Kisling Says:

    It is a great substitute for practice or innate skill.

  2. Ben Branam Says:

    I guess they should prove to the gun store clerk why their product is worth selling.

  3. SayUncle Says:

    “It is a great substitute for practice or innate skill.”

    Yup. And a semi-auto is a great substitute for not being able to reload a front-stuffer in less than 1.5 seconds.

  4. Paul Kisling Says:

    That sounds right in Tracking Point Rifle sort of way.

  5. irright Says:

    I find laser sights nearly useless. For me, irons are much faster. I guess I’m the only one.

  6. Roger Says:

    I have Crimson Trace lasergrips on all of my carry pistols. They are in addition to Meprolight or Trijicon or Truglo (depending upon pistol) tritium nite sights.
    One cannot give up ANY advantage EVER.
    The criminals will not give you any advantage, why should you give up any possible advantage?

  7. Justin Says:

    Irright you are not the only one who finds iron sights faster. I see too many people spending a long time trying to get a laser on target when it would take less then a second to line up the sights. That said, I do think laser are great for low or no light shooting and for new shooters that can’t line up their sights.

  8. Motor-T Says:

    Irons are faster when you can see them.

    Shooting from retention? The laser suddenly becomes much more useful.
    Too dark to see the sights, but still bright enough to identify the animal (4 legs or 2) trying to hide in the bushes next to your front door? The laser suddenly becomes much more useful.

    Have a gun with shi- um hard to see sights and a short sight radius? (I’m looking at you J-frame) The laser starts to make more sense.

    I’d own more Crimson Trace lasers if they made left hand friendly versions. But the usual laser grip just lights up my thumbnail when I grip the gun.

  9. SayUncle Says:

    Now, dammit, Motor. There goes logic getting in the way of stuff I read from some guy on the internet!

  10. Motor-T Says:

    It’s ok. I’m just some guy on the Internet so

  11. AJ187 Says:

    This sold me on laser devices: Humans focus best on one focal plane. Someone coming at you or pointing a gun will ultimately be the priority focus. Switching focus to your irons is highly unlikely. But being able to see your target, and the laser present on the target is a big advantage. Add a heavy lumen light to blind and stall your assailant is also a big plus too. 🙂

  12. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    We have a couple of Crimson Traces; m’lady has a grip one because she fires right handed, and I have one of the ones that sticks out the front with a switch on the grip because I fire wrong handed. It’s not on my EDC, though. On that I just use the irons. I do have a Trijicon ACOG on the AR, though, with fiber optic for day and tritium for night. No battery, no switch, just a dot with no parallax. Cost almost as much as the rifle, but well worth it if it saves my life.

  13. treefroggy Says:

    “and have them on all but one carry gun”… You obviously make much too much money .

  14. HL Says:

    “It is a great substitute for practice or innate skill.”

    Tokugawa would agree.

    Mustn’t have a peasant able to stand against warrior nobility!

  15. Jeff From DC Says:

    If you can tolerate the Fat Costas at the range tactically advising you on how your laser is compromising your position in the field, you wont be disappointed with a crimson trace. I got a free one with my HK45C, and after years of poo-pooing lasers, I realized they do have their place. Fat Costas are usually okay with green lasers.

  16. WPZ Says:

    We run, as part of our full-time training business, holster/speed practice sessions several times a month, using the worn-out name “Skills & Drills”.
    We’ve been doing it for almost four years now.
    A hundred rounds, out of the holster, multiple targets, reloads, the whole thing. My partner, a nationally-known USPSA shooter, thinks up great stuff every month.
    We get competitors, sure, but we also mostly get gun-carriers wanting to exercise their skills in an interesting, closely-supervised setting.
    There are some who arrive with carry or house guns with lasers. I can’t think of a single customer who’d used a laser then came back and used it a second time.
    It’s agonizing for laser-users watching and hearing everyone else on the range blazing away with much greater accuracy and speed than they themselves can manage. It’s not even close- even the iron-sight duffers outperform the laser-users by several quanta.
    Many just turn off the laser and continue without.
    The laser people are looking at and for a dot.
    The iron sight people are just seeing targets and shooting them. Much simpler, and much faster.
    The uses for lasers are minimal; the device is a distraction for all but the most competent shooters.
    Our police/shooter buddies tell us they never use the laser to shoot, only to “warn”. They say it works well to subdue rambunctious arrestees.
    The results on the clock and cardboard tell a clear story.

  17. SayUncle Says:

    The guy that turned me on to laser sights is a rather successful competition shooter.

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