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Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

The incident where the man lawfully carrying a gun was tackled by another man was captured on video.

Did you see that? A law-abiding black man minding his own business when suddenly an obviously racist white guy batters him. I wonder when Al Sharpton will organize a march to protest this injustice!

Also, post tackle, this is why I’m glad I carry a knife that can easily be deployed with one hand. One-handed deployment while on the ground could have ended that right quick.

29 Responses to “Why are anti-gun activists so violent?”

  1. j t bolt Says:

    Oh, FFS!!

  2. treestump Says:

    I hate to sound like an anti, but i kinda wish the guy who did the tackling woulda gotten his. The media kindly leaves out the fact that the guy who got tackled was black, and the guy who did the tackling was white.

  3. j t bolt Says:

    Why are gun-banners so racist? Because that is what they are! Gun control started out and has always been to keep guns away from black people. Only recently have the gun banners tacked, “and keep em from them redneck crackers, too!”

  4. Alien Says:

    I was thinking earlier that everyone I know who carries a gun also carries some sort of knife, frequently where it can be reached by either hand. It wouldn’t have taken much to render a life changing injury in self defense, assuming the attacker didn’t bleed out first.

    The attacker was pretty darn lucky he jumped someone in Condition White.

  5. Roman Says:

    Gun Control is not now, or ever has been, about guns, its all about control. The left knows how to live your life better than you ever could.

  6. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I certainly have a switchblade and a butterfly on me, but he’d still get the .45 in his face.

  7. Deserttrek Says:

    the attacker belongs in jail and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as should all non defensive assaults.

  8. MattCFII Says:

    Have you guys actually tried to deploy a folder under pressure in like Tuller drill? Get some trainers and try it out!

    I used to carry a folder until I took classes that showed me how hard it is to deploy a folder and I was using a wave like knife at the time. All it takes with the Wave is to hit your pocket lip at the wrong angle and it doesn’t deploy all the way. Most spring assisted will stop deploying if the are contacted enough as the blade comes out. Half deployments are common failure modes here and those can be pretty dangerous to your fingers (as can the wrong kind of lock letting go at the wrong time). Most autos are better in that respect in that as soon as you pull away from contact the spring will fully open them the rest of the way, but you still have the to hit the button and maybe safety in the first place, plus their legal issues depending on location.

    For me I’ve gone to K.I.S.S. on my knife carry, a medium fixed blade 3″ish blade, 7″ish total length. Being fix blade, it is ready to cut/stab the moment it clears the sheath. Folders besides for the wave generally need space to start working (assuming the wave hits your pocket lip right as you might being tackled, etc.). I IWB it with a kydex sheath on a static cord at left appendix. This makes it accessible to either hand in almost any position, but especially so to my left hand as a “get the F off” tool as my right gets free enough to access the handgun.

    If I carry a folder, I expect the potentional is for it to used more as a fist load for some hammer blows until I can get some space/time to deploy it, but by then if I have enough space to deploy a folder I probably could deploy the gun.

  9. SayUncle Says:

  10. Paul Kisling Says:

    So an ‘obviously’ racist white dude attacks a black senior citizen because he lawfully carries a gun.. Priceless.

  11. Doug Nelson Says:

    I don’t believe that lethal force–either gun or knife–would have been legally justified here. 1 against 1. Disparity of age, but not extreme. Perp got victim in a position of disadvantage, but used that advantage to restrain rather than kill or cripple. If it had been in a dark alley, you might get away with it, but in Walmart, with the perp calling 911? Drawing a weapon would probably be a mistake, and using it could be disastrous. My 2 cents.

  12. John C. Randolph Says:

    The purpose of “gun control” laws has always been to deprive poor black people of the means to defend themselves from the minions of the government.


  13. Chris Says:

    Doug, choke slammed from behind by a total stranger… You bet your ass I am going to be under the belief that my life is in imminent danger.

  14. Sebastian Says:


    Bullshit. He went for the gun. You could see him make the grab. He would have been completely justified in fearing for his life and popping his attacker.

  15. Sebastian Says:

    If he had been a police officer, following his training, his attacker would be dead right now, and it all would have been completely justifiable.

  16. Skeptical_Realist Says:

    @Doug Nelson,

    The “perp” didn’t call 911. He tackled the victim from behind and put him in a choke hold. Even if Foster called 911 after that (available stories are contradictory on this point), that meets the legal threshold for justified self defense in just about every state, under “fear of death or grave bodily harm”. Note that assault to restrain is still assault, and what matters is not the assaulterís “intent”, but rather the following: Jeopardy, Ability, and Means. Mr. Daniels was in Jeopardy – already under attack. Ability? A choke hold is lethal if held long enough. Means? A younger, larger man has him in a lethal choke hold from behind, which could kill him.

    The only reason you could possibly think otherwise is that the victim didn’t respond when he should have (e.g., immediately), and chose to let himself be taken down. If he had responded as soon as he hit the floor, or even when he got bum-rushed, the video would look like a textbook assault -> legal self-defense.

    There are many self defense classes that will teach you not only when lethal force is authorized, but also the peculiars of the law relevant to your state. Your local NRA branch should be able to set you up with one.

  17. Paul Kisling Says:

    @ Doug Nelson, Your two cents isn’t worth the counterfeit pennies its stamped on and is an excellent way for a victim to get killed.

    Oh and you don’t believe is NOT a legal opinion. He was well within his rights to kill his attacker.
    That wait and see until its over bullshit does not work in real life. If you attack someone who is not breaking the law that makes you a criminal and getting shot or stabbed in a commission of a crime goes right along with that.

    I carry a rather nasty looking rusty dagger just for situations like this. It is specifically for people who try to grab my pistol from its level 2 holster.

  18. MattCFII Says:

    You’ve never missed the lip of your pocket or not put enough force on the wave and it had not open completely? If you aren’t, maybe I should try the Spyderco specifically. The other thing that concerns about me about its draw is the two finger grip you get on it that you can see as you do the fast deployment on it, granted all folders have that in some amount.

  19. SayUncle Says:

    The spyderco deploys more reliably than my other wave knives. Probably because it has a larger wave.

  20. Tatterdemalian Says:

    The gun control activists literally want to be able to kill anyone that disagrees with them, with no risk of injury to themselves. That’s really their entire point. When they say “Walking while black shouldn’t be a death penalty offense,” they really do mean “Beating a smaller and/or weaker person to death shouldn’t be something anyone can fight back effectively against.”

    If you let yourself get that weak or that old, then they’re saying you deserve to die, at the hands of any of your younger, stronger elites.

  21. dustydog Says:

    Doug Nelson is right. The letter of the law says you can use lethal force if you reasonably are afraid for your life, and you have the ‘right’. However, most jurors take the parent’s view of kids fighting, or the sergeant’s view of two privates fighting: they don’t see a good-faith belief that you were being killed, so escalating the violence is unacceptable.

    You might not like it, but that’s the way your jury is likely to interpret the incident. The victim’s claims of being afraid only make the victim seem unstable and looking for an excuse. It’s not until the victim actually dies that the general public will admit to themselves, ‘in retrospect, I guess he did have a reasonable belief that his life was in danger.’

  22. Paul Kisling Says:

    @ dustydog so you are saying that a 62 year SENIOR CITIZEN should wait and see if his attacker is planning to kill him???

    The Jury will look at the facts of the case. A senior citizen was attacked in walmart and the perpetrator got shot.. What the attacker thought would not matter nor exist because his ass would be probably be dead.. All the Camera would show is a sudden unprovoked attack with a pseudo-MMA style submission choke hold.
    The case would not even make it to trial…

    Attacking a senior citizen from behind does NOT have the hallmarks of SELF DEFENSE rather intent to commit bodily harm..

  23. Patrick Says:

    The area (Brandon) is basically nothing but a crappy outlet mall set up to capture traffic up I-75 on it’s way to Tampa or Orlando. It has become the Florida equivalent of flyover country.

    The whole area is full of Northern transplants who cannot afford Anna Maria or Venice to the South, or Tampa to the West. So they end up in Apollo Beach ruining otherwise nice Florida towns.

    They bring their values with them. A lot of New Yorkers are there. A LOT.

    I avoid the area unless I end up forgetting something on my way to Orlando. Then it’s that Walmart and pretty much nothing else.

    Had this been the Walmart in Manatee County, chances are much higher that another shopper would have shot the guy and the dudes in Sporting Goods would have helped him reload when it was over. I see more guns on people in Manatee than I have seen in a lot of places in the USA.

    It was also the “reddest” county in 2012 – not a single Democrat was elected to any position, anywhere during that cycle. Even the 20 year Registrar of Wills got axed cause she had a (D) next to her name. Sadly, that is also changing.

  24. Jake Says:

    In the absence of a deployable knife, and when one hand is occupied keeping your attacker from taking your gun, a thumb inserted very forcefully into the attacker’s eye socket can be very effective.

    Just sayin’.

  25. Patrick Says:

    To add info for the knife talk, the Florida Carry Permit doe snot authorize knives. Knives have no protection in Florida.

    Hillsborough County (where this happened) has a spotty record on knife arrests with people who are carrying one peacefully. Right now it appears to be if you don’t cause a problem or make a scene, most cops will not care. But some local cops a rumored to care.

    I see fixed-blades only on boats and with fishermen at the beach. Anywhere else is – I think – a red flag.

    FL Carry has some good info on knife issues in state.

    I have carried folders in Florida, but cover it up better than I do a gun. I would never carry a knife in a visible way in any south Florida territory (defined for me as “south of Venice”, but YMMV) or in Tampa, Orlando or the Space Coast.

  26. Stuart the Viking Says:


    I’m not saying that you don’t know what you are talking about, however, Florida STATE law is pretty clear when it comes to what is covered by a Florida Concealed Weapons permit. From 790.06 License to carry concealed weapon or firearm:

    “For the purposes of this section, concealed weapons or concealed firearms are defined as a handgun, electronic weapon or device, tear gas gun, knife, or billie, but the term does not include a machine gun as defined in s. 790.001(9).”

    There are, however, issues in some places in Florida where local city or county statute forbids knife carry, and because Florida Firearm preemption only covers firearms (not bladed weapons) they get away with it and it is illegal to carry a knife in those places (something we really need to fix here in Florida, I understand people are working on it).

    But that’s a far cry from “the Florida Carry Permit doe snot authorize knives”



  27. Skeptical_Realist Says:


    No, Doug is not right, and neither are you. Your post is 100% personal opinion and perception. You would do yourself a favor by taking a self defense course, and learning the actual laws that apply, along with what determines justified self defense vs. unjustified homicide.

  28. A Critic Says:

    “Also, post tackle, this is why Iím glad I carry a knife that can easily be deployed with one hand. ”

    It can be opened easily.

    Or it can not be opened even with the greatest of efforts in your time of need.

    Get a fixed blade! Always be open for business!

  29. franklin sokrates Says:

    Not having seen the video, I can not comment on exactly what choke hold was used. All are for causing unconsciousness, some are for breaking the neck and causing death. Telling which is which when suddenly attacked and taken to the ground is difficult at best. A standard response is a. knife in eyes/temple/throat or slash/thrust into inner leg artery and keep at it until you are free 2. pull pistol and shoot into attackers pelvis/legs/knees while using the other hand/arm to the attackers arm to maximize control of the choke hold. shooting a firearm near ones own ear can be disabling. If you fire the gun near your own ear yell hai as loud as you can when you fire. this will some what reduce the effect of muzzle blast on your ears. And try to put the muzzle beyond your ear and turn away. If you get a brain box hit expect a real mess everywhere. A contact shot to the skull is messy. And please try to aim up, if standing up. Any shot up is likely to miss hitting innocents. remember you are responsible for every bullet fired.
    I can not disagree with the concealed carry holders actions as they did work.
    SWATing has already happened in Wal-Mart, the young black man was killed by police.

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