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That it was even an issue is kind of puzzling

John Hinckley won’t face murder charge in death of James Brady, prosecutors say

3 Responses to “That it was even an issue is kind of puzzling”

  1. Stretch Says:

    In all my law classes the cut off for assigning responsibility for death was a year and a day from the time of the incident.
    Why the possibly of charging Hinkley was even raised is beyond me.

  2. Pop N Fresh Says:

    but wasn’t added to the deaths by gun tally……….

  3. nk Says:

    It would be in the 1981 statistics. Think about it: “… that on March 30, 1981 the defendant did cause the death of Nicholas Brady ….” DC does not have the year and a day rule but this wouldn’t pass the giggle test with a sane jury. Some medical examiner wanted his name in the papers, that’s all this was. Anyway, Hinckley was acquitted at the time by reason of insanity. That’s double jeopardy on criminal intent for uncharged crimes too.

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