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Mass shooting in Canada

9 dead:

The victims included a woman found Monday night by officers who were responding to a weapons complaint at a south Edmonton home.

A little digging shows that they were shot with a 9mm handgun:

Investigators have determined the 9 mm handgun used to kill Duong was a registered weapon that had been stolen in Surrey, British Columbia, in 2006.

Odd that all that gun control and the registry didn’t stop this from happening.

2 Responses to “Mass shooting in Canada”

  1. Lyle Says:

    “Odd that all that gun control and the registry didn’t stop this from happening.”

    Yes, well of course the gun registry, and all other infringements to the right to keep and bear arms, make such mass killings all the more possible and likely.

    I maintain that such is the intent. Too many people on the planet, Eugenics, taking advantage of crisis; Progressives have been pushing that nonsense from the beginning. It defines them;

    “You cannot live this way
    You cannot live that way
    You cannot live there
    You cannot live here
    You cannot do this
    You cannot do that
    You cannot live”

  2. Andrew Says:


    People turned in their guns. This is not possible!!

    Do you think some people did not turn in their guns? Possibly criminals? Nah. Not gonna happen in the law abiding country of “you fucked yourselves”, Canada.