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A story in one bullet

why does a modern 44 use a .429″ bullet and a 38 use a .357″ bullet?

3 Responses to “A story in one bullet”

  1. wildbill Says:

    I had a Colt 1894 US Army revolver in .38 Long Colt that was this way. The cylinder was bored straight thru (a .357 Magnum case would chamber). The barrel had nice rifling but a .357 bullet would slide down the bore. Obviously chambered for a heeled bullet.

  2. wildbill Says:

    .44-40 uses a .427″ diameter bullet, but .38-40 uses a .401″ diameter bullet. I remember reading opinions that .44-40 was an effective “man-stopper” but .38-40 wasn’t, even tho the velocity is the about the same and the bullet is only .026″ smaller and 20 grains lighter.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Man stopper schman schmopper. Any who’ve hunted big game for more than a season or two would not speak of subtle caliber differences as being relevant.

    I hunt with a fifty caliber in roughly 44 Magnum energies, and the only genuine “deer stopper” I’ve seen was the shot that hit the spine, dropping the animal in its tracks. A 22 LR from a pistol, striking the spine or brain will stop the animal just about as well.