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Perceived Carry Decoys

I see them trollin’. They hatin’

From the facebook, comes this:

What are Perceived Carry Decoys? We’re glad you asked! Perceived Carry Decoys is a veteran owned entity that offers the worlds first and only way to exercise your 2nd amendment right, without the stigma or concerns associated with owning a gun.

PCD understands that not everyone is comfortable with owning an actual firearm. But why should those feelings affect your personal safety?
Now they no longer have to. With the launch of Perceived Carry Decoys, you may now give off the appearance that you are toting serious heat, while in actuality you have nothing more than a one piece device attached to your hip that is as harmless as a cell phone.

Ok, then.

25 Responses to “Perceived Carry Decoys”

  1. MattW Says:

    I hope its a very early April Fools joke…

  2. LKP Says:

    This will not end well.

  3. rickn8or Says:

    A padded codpiece would be just as wise.

  4. foo Says:

    eh, if dumb ideas actually had a high incidence of ending poorly, there’d be fewer of them.

    probably better than all those ccw badges.

  5. John Says:

    ‘What are Perceived Voting Decoys? Were glad you asked! Perceived Voting Decoys is a veteran owned entity that offers the worlds first and only way to exercise your 1st amendment right, without the stigma or concerns associated with getting off your ass and heading to a polling station.’

    I reject the concept based on the premise that it only perpetuates the idea that somehow, there should be ANY amount of justifiable shame for exercising your 2A rights.

  6. Tirno Says:

    Their only link goes straight to the propaganda page of an anti-gun organization, so yes, I’d say they’re trolling hard.

    I must applaud, however, it’s certainly a good effort.

  7. garibaldi Says:

    The first line at the top of his facebook page is:
    “The gun lovers say our products are dangerous!”

    “Gun lovers” eh? Remember back in the 1940’s and 50’s, if a white person dared to say it was wrong to discriminate against blacks, they were called “n—er lover”?

    Ironic, no? 🙂

  8. richard Says:

    Are you f-ck-ng serious? All the tactical disadvantage of open carry, along with a gun that will not shoot?
    Once stopped by the police,I handed him my drivers license and my CHP,lest he spot my piece and become antsy.
    LEO – “Do you have a weapon with you?” Me – “Yes sir.”
    LEO – “Where is it?” Me – “Under my coat.”
    LEO – “Is it loaded?” Me – “Yes sir.”
    LEO – “Good, an unloaded gun will get you killed.”

  9. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    “…while in actuality you have nothing more than a one piece device attached to your hip that is as harmless as a cell phone.”

    Oh, I don’t know about that. I’ve been told that a phone AND a pen, taken together, can be very powerful indeed. And I already have the pen.

    I’m reminded of the comedian who said: “I should warn you that, under these clothes, I’m wearing boxer shorts… and I know how to use them!”

  10. mikee Says:

    So these don’t act as “Shoot me first!” indicators to violent criminals? Like real guns supposedly do? What magic beans do these use to pre-empt that problem?

  11. Joel Says:

    As far as I can tell, it’s not a joke. This sets a whole new level for stupid products.

    PCD assumes no responsibility for the use of these devices after purchase.

    Ya think?

  12. Crotalus Says:

    Aaaaand, if someone calls your bluff?

  13. Chris L. Says:


  14. Garibaldi Says:

    I just spent 2 hours reading posts on their linked “Coalition to End Gun Violence” site. I never spent much time before on an anti site so I had to see what they are all about.

    First they make sweeping statements like “all guns make everyone less safe” which anyone with any sense can see is false. A police officer even posted there saying it was false and of course he met with nothing but criticism.

    Then they trot out “firearms should be locked up when young children are around” as if it was some kind of revelation that we never heard of before. I don’t know of anyone who would leave loaded firearms around in a house where there are children.

    It was really amusing when they called an AR-15 “a highly dangerous military killing machine”. 🙂

    I think I had enough for now. I might go back and read more some other time, after I reset my brain to where I can once again read totally illogical nonsense…

  15. skidmark Says:

    Marines, by definition, are stupid. But there is supposed to be a limit to that stupidity. This guy has cranked it up way beyond eleven.

    stay safe.

  16. Rivrdog Says:

    Mark One, Mod Zero Desperation, people. We’re winning. They know it. They’re getting desperate. Next for them: jihad-like sacrifices by their sleeper agents to keep alive the myth of gun-rights horror stories.

    The NRA’s counter? Their K-street wide boys will spin their Rolodexes and make a few more phone calls to a few more RINOs.

    And the beat goes on…drums keep pounding rythym to the brain…

  17. dustydog Says:

    There might be a niche use – a place where judges and juries enforce gun rights, but the police don’t yet. If you can decoy the po-po into an illegal search, and you survive, and the police don’t make you regret the trick, then you might be able to hit a big lawsuit jackpot.

  18. Jeffersonian Says:

    For years now the anti-gun twits have been the (unearning) beneficieries of lower crime rates because of the actions of right thinking gun owners. This little item will now allow them to accept at least some of the responsibility for their own safety. Especially when some thug decides to steal their gun and uses it to beat them unconscious when he discovers it is a decoy. I think it’s a great idea.

  19. JTC Says:

    If Perceived Carry Decoys does not exist as an “entity”, is not the claim to being a “veteran owned entity” prosecutable under Stolen Valor?

  20. Akatsukami Says:

    PCD, meet swatting.

  21. Jay Dee Says:

    $0.00 prices in the Prducts section and all comments are closed in the blog and on Facebook. I’d say this is as legitimate as our pResident’s birth certificate.

  22. John Says:

    Jay dee scooped me, but yeah, there’s nothing for sale there.

  23. Paul Kisling Says:

    No worries I always carry open with a level 1 or 2 duty retention holster and mine shoots real bullets. Frontline is awesome!

  24. McThag Says:

    I kind of want them to actually go into production and suffer the trade dress lawsuit from SIG and Walther.

    IANAL, but haven’t they crossed the trade dress line already? There’s no “we’re joking” disclaimer about the pre-order.

  25. NotClauswitz Says:

    Don’t the #Occupy looters and Ferguson rioters and Knock-Out gangsters use cell-phones and social-media to organize their flash-riots/looting/burning/beating-up parties? How un-harmless is that cell-phone, srsly?? Not to mention the $100/month data-plan. Plus with gangstas, cell phones can get you killed if it’s a new iPhone…