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Headline: Teen shot at Dayton Mall tried to rob man for shoes

What really happened:

Officials say the investigation shows that three male juveniles approached two men outside of the hhgregg store just after 10 a.m.. According to police, 16-year-old Jawaad Jabbar got out a gun and demanded merchandise from the men.

One of the men, who police say had a valid concealed carry license, produced his gun and shot Jabbar. Jabbar died from injuries sustained from the gunshot.

Outnumbered by someone armed. That’s a bit more than just stealing shoes.

19 Responses to “Narrative”

  1. treefroggy Says:

    Think of the money the taxpayers were saved .

  2. rd Says:

    Will his fellow criminals be charged for murder? They were committing an armed robbery when the “a world-class young man, a good athlete and a good student,” got himself shot.

  3. Backwoods Engineer Says:

    He asked for shoes and got Jawaad. Well, the joke would have worked if it was a shotgun. Anyway, good shooting, citizen!

  4. Skip Says:

    So, whats the Goblin Count up to now?

  5. David Johnson Says:

    “Turning his life around” is code, I think, for “An experienced criminal”.

  6. Jeff from DC Says:

    Sort of like how strong arm robbery was down graded to taking a few cigars.

  7. Dave Says:

    “Good kid, making good decisions and turning his life around.” I do not think it means what you think it means.

  8. SPQR Says:

    The media get a kick out of portraying these incidents as excessive in contrast to the value of the item sought by the thug. Its a method of undermining the legitmacy of self defense.

    But the victim did not choose what item was involved, the violent thug did. The victim perceived a threat – not to his shoes – but his life. The threat the thug made specifically to coerce another to his will.

    Good riddance.

  9. KM Says:

    I bet Jabbar was slogging on the long road to get his GED.

  10. mostly cajun Says:

    This is VERY bad. I mean, when a guy named ‘Messiah’ gives you a positive character report, you know he’s GOT to be a good young man. Probably dropped by the store on his way to choir practice.


  11. Sigivald Says:

    “JJ was a good kid, making good decisions and turning his life around”

    Well, you know, except for when he decided to pull a gun on someone to steal some shoes.

    Apart from that, though!

  12. Matthew Carberry Says:

    Looking forward to the day when these sorts of phrases “…who police say had a valid concealed carry license,…” will simply read “…who police say was carrying legally…”.

  13. grendel Says:

    Props to the man for winning the 2vs3 fight against someone who had the drop on him. Those who say we’ll just get shot or have our guns taken from us are wrong.

  14. Matthew Carberry Says:

    The frequency that criminals are disarmed by their victims or *beaten to the draw* drives home that treating the gun like a magic talisman is dangerous.

    These maroons expect people to fold at the sight of the gun and are not mentally prepared for resistance. We as lawful defenders need to not fall into the same trap.

  15. Bat Chain Puller Says:

    So Jawaad and his two buddies had $600 to buy limited edition shoes….and only after the shoes sold out, did Jawaad resort to violence. I am not considering this the most likely fact sequence.

  16. rickn8or Says:

    Of course, the apologists wasted no time:

    Teen shot at mall had troubled past, but was making strides

  17. Rivrdog Says:

    Gangsta thang. Must be raps about it. Just had one here in the Portland area. Robbery, no shots fired. M/O: robber observed victim buying high dollar Retro Air Jordan Elevens at Foot Locker, follows victim to parking lot, robs her of the shoes.

  18. Bubblehead Les Says:

    “And the Darwin Award Winner for this month is…”

  19. Kevin Baker Says:

    rickn8or: He was trying to “make strides” in someone else’s Nikes.

    Next we’ll hear that the Concealed-Carry holder shot Jawaad prematurely….

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