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Tuckable holsters suck

So says Lucas. They are a pain to set up but I’ve carried that way before with no problems.

13 Responses to “Tuckable holsters suck”

  1. Old NFO Says:

    I’ve never been comfortable with them… Tried a couple and they’re in the spare holster box now.

  2. Lucas Says:

    Holy crap, I got linked by Uncle! Thanks!

  3. aerodawg Says:

    I like both my crossbreed and my minotaur. The thing with the clips is to match the color to the belt so it blends in.

  4. Jake Says:

    As I said over there:

    “However, it may be the only (or at least, the best) viable option for those who work in an environment where untucked shirts are regarded as sloppy and unacceptable”

    This. Working in a law office, untucked shirts are not acceptable, and suit jackets are too restricting (I can only afford to buy off the rack, and it’s hard to do anything when you can’t raise your arms to your shoulders without worrying about your jacket tearing). Concealment is necessary due to our clientele (lots of professors and faculty from the local university, so many are liberals and would probably either faint or go berserk at the sight of an evil gun).

    Fortunately, the bosses don’t care, and a Crossbreed MicroTuck with a P3AT hides pretty well when tucked in. As for the clips, generally the only people who notice are gunnies themselves. The general population is usually in condition white and oblivious, and probably wouldn’t know what the clips mean, anyway.

  5. lcb Says:

    I’m a big shouldered guy, so my shirts tend to be a little big around my waste. I’ve worn my Crossbreed to church and as far as I know the only person who’s noticed is my wife. But then, she’s looking for it on purpose. (And before anyone says anything, my pastor is OK with concealed carry at church.)

    Might have something to do with where I wear it. I have it on my side, not in the back like Lucas shows in the picture. It’s easy for me to tuck the shirt.

  6. lucusloc Says:

    Yep, I have a super tuck as well, and while I do not normally tuck, I used to at an old job. The clips are not a problem on a black belt, no one will notice (especially if you carry other thing on your belt as well). I too carry it on the hip (about 4:00) and it disappears in that location. It is also one of the most comfortable IWB holsters I have tried.

    Of course I do have to conceded carrying tucked does increase draw time. I consider tucked “deep concealment” so increased draw time is expected. The fastest draw I can accomplish while tucked is to use the opposite hand to rip the shirt up off the gun while the draw hand finds the grip and draws. YMMV.

  7. maddmedic Says:

    Have tried a couple..
    I find my Remora works fine. Even when working outside, splitting wood and whatnot.
    No one knows it is there…Been using it for 4 years or thereabouts now.

  8. Fin Says:

    Lucas is an idiot apparently. I can place my Crossbreed Superuck on my belt and holster my weapon in ten seconds. Some people will find anything to bitch about.

  9. Chad Says:

    Yup, calling somebody an idiot is the best way to seem reasonable and get others to see your point of view.

  10. Firehand Says:

    I have one. Don’t always use the tuckable feature, but sometimes- especially in hot weather- it’s very nice.

  11. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    I EDC a double stack .45 (Para P12 for some perverse reason) in a Crossbreed Minituck made for a Taurus PT709 with a laser. I know, I’m a retard. I dress like a teenager (at least how we dressed in the 70s), jeans and subversive T-shirt, but peoplehave to be informed or they won’t know I’m armed. That’s how well it hides on me, but I can have it in the bad guy’s face in milliseconds.

  12. Fin Says:

    @Chad – I’m not interested in having others see my point of view. Unlike these so called gun gurus who write their own blogs and try and tell us what they’re point of views are. And their fan bois follow in lemming lockstep fashion.

  13. Chad Says:

    Then why comment at all?