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There was an I Will Not Comply rally that featured protesters passing guns back and forth, a violation of the new WA law. No arrests were made.

Joe has a report with pics.

4 Responses to “In WA”

  1. mikee Says:

    Of course there were no arrests.

    Laws designed to be selectively enforced at the whim or malice of a prosecutor won’t be used at a time useful to those opposed to the laws.

  2. blounttruth Says:

    I am not sure I see the difference in this occurring in protest, and the people that open carry to protest? Many say that it is dumb to go into a restaurant and open carry, yet I see the two as one in the same. The only difference is in the protest mentioned in the article, what they are doing is illegal in the eyes of the law, yet the open carry demonstrators are being lawful, and yet so many lambaste them as “not the way to promote pro gun ideals”.
    So why do so many pro gunners speak out about open carry protests when they are legal, yet cheer the blatant violation of law as in this protest?
    I have always been one that thought that legal protests were by and far the greatest way to get attention to the matter, and while the media will always put a negative spin on pro gunners doing right or wrong it would seem to me that the legal protests were the way to go. Am I missing something?

  3. The_Jack Says:

    Well there is a difference as much (but not all) of the critism on open carry is when people OC into a buisness and try to hold a protest/rally/event in said buisness. IE they’re dragging the shop into the event.

    This is distinct from a protest/rally/event that is beign done in a public space/land.

    I will note that there are those who say that OC even in a public space can be counterproductive (and it can easilly be so).

    Basically the motivation of the OC event is to either show support to a company (we’ll leave the dubiousness of drawing a shop into such a thing for a latter discussion), to show the absurdity of having longgun OC legal but pistol OC illegal, or to “normalize” the idea of OC (also one can easilly debate the untility of this).

    Meanwhile the protest of this transfer ban is to show the utter insanity of the law and how easy it is to violate it.

    Which has some connection to the second in the OC list.

  4. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    The OC “protests” are by people doing a perfectly legal, if annoying or counterproductive thing. These I-594 protests are by people doing something that is specifically made illegal by a law they object to, perhaps hoping that an arrest and trial can be used as an opportunity for jury nullification.