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America continues to protect gun nuts, even though Newtown remains wounded two years after Sandy Hook shooting

“AT,” “NEAR,” WHATEVER: CNN, Other Media Manufactures School Shooting In Portland, Oregon

Homicide ruled a homicide. Shocker.

2 Responses to ““journalism””

  1. homepcmd Says:

    a writer says that “America” protects gun nuts after an incident – where has he been on how the “left” protect radical Muslims after 9/11 – and show pics of those who died?

    Or do those death not count?

    And what about a pic of the military members who were killed in that “workplace violence”?

    I would pity the writer – not sure he would even recognize what that really means,,,

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    “You want to ask these people how many first-graders, or the brave adults who shielded them and tried to save them, might have lived that day if Adam Lanza didn’t have a gun made for easy killing.”

    How about if we ask how many would have lived if the adults had not been denied possession of the tool appropriate to the task of protecting them?

    These deranged mental defectives seem to think that “banning” a tool will make it impossible for some psychopathic murderer to murder psychopathically. I’m pretty sure I could walk into a school like that with a carpenter’s claw hammer and rack up a similar death toll, and the disarmed adults couldn’t have done any more about it than they were able to at Sandy Hook.

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