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Larry Weeks is retiring

Of all the people in the gun business I’ve ever met, the hands-down absolute nicest and most go-to guy is Larry Weeks. He’s just an fantastic person. Super nice, helpful and involved. He’s even nice when you’re ribbing him. Any time I’ve asked him his opinion on something, he gets back with me with some well thought out ideas. And he let me shoot his STI and the gun blogger rendezvous. He’s retiring from Brownells. I wish him the best in all things and he’s promised to keep in touch.

Thanks for everything, Larry.

One Response to “Larry Weeks is retiring”

  1. NotClauswitz Says:

    Now he doesn’t have an excuse that he’s too busy with Brownells’ stuff and CAN’T come to the Rendezvous again.
    We should do a GoFundMe thing and send him tickets to return to us.