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I 594

I-594 fears confirmed

And, from Oleg:

As things stand now in Washington state, everyone who has a firearm at home or has some remote connection to shooting is at risk of prosecution under the broadly written, pervasive and completely unreasonable new restrictions on a variety of normal, everyday and entirely benign actions that are legal pretty much everywhere else in the country.

2 Responses to “I 594”

  1. Rivrdog Says:

    Civil War Two may very well start on the basis of which States did this to their citizens, and which States didn’t. The SCOTUS could put an end to this misery by deciding to hear I-594 On Their Own Motion, but they won’t…

  2. MAJMike Says:

    Well, you doofus ba$tards in Washington state voted the law in. Now roll in the $hit pile you’ve created for yourselves.

    Another reason I’m glad I live in Texas.