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The first 12 minutes of The Watchmen is the greatest parody of my childhood fears ever.

Update: It’s on the youtube:

3 Responses to “Brilliant”

  1. Chris L. Says:

    I really like Watchmen. Every time I see it I find something new I’d missed the previous times. And Malin Akerman with that hair….. Hot Damn!

  2. Zendo Deb Says:

    I take it you only recently saw Watchmen, though perhaps you just reviewed it recently.

    As graphic-novels turned movies go, it was pretty good, and in someways actually better than the original. The end was great.

    It was surprising because Americans generally hate alternate histories.

    V for Vendetta, Sin City, and 300 are also fairly fun. Though they are all tough to watch.

    One of the better Graphic-novels turned movie is “The Road to Perdition.” Great role for Tom Hanks.

  3. Xspectre8 Says:

    Can’t begin to count how many times I’ve watched that. It’s amazing.