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I dunno, libertarian socialism seems like an oxymoron

The children’s wing of the libertarian party

3 Responses to “I dunno, libertarian socialism seems like an oxymoron”

  1. Seerak Says:

    It is. Rather like “liberal Left” or “free market conservative”, or **gackkk** “liberaltarian”

    Politics is riddled with ’em.

    It’s by design, to wit: you can’t grasp straight lines with crooked yardsticks. Very useful fact when you don’t want people seeing straight.

  2. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    “Libertarian Socialism” is a label for Abbie Hoffman on WikiPedia, and Noam Chomsky self identifies that way too. Yes, oxymoron is the right term for it.

  3. Lyle Says:

    Hyperbole over police brutality.
    All war is evil.
    Soldiers are murderers.
    It’s all about oil.
    The Illuminati.
    The legalization of pot
    “It’s the corporations MAAAAAN!!!!”

    Combine that with totally open borders, a high pitched whine, and you pretty much have Ron Paul, don’t you? So now would the children’s wing and the party leadership differ, exactly?

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