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From a looter’s mouth

Ok, then: “They have insurance. They can rebuild,” said Rhasaan, 42. “The life of Mike Brown can’t be rebuilt. Our patience cannot be rebuilt.”

21 Responses to “From a looter’s mouth”

  1. pdb Says:

    It’s been a while, but I seem to recall my store’s insurance policy specifically mentioned war and riots and civil disturbances as not being covered.

  2. Sigivald Says:

    “Hey, we destroyed our own neighborhood, but it’s okay.

    Because we got free stuff, and insurance is magic.

    Nope, won’t cost us anything, ever, no sir.

    Hey, why aren’t there any good stores around here, and why’s everything so expensive?


  3. Windy Wilson Says:

    What pdb said. I used to work for a law firm that dealt with coverage issues.
    This is uninsured unless some government agency makes a special case of this.

  4. Ron W Says:

    Which and who’s property should be burned for the thousands of Americans killed by illegal aliens each year…many of whom will now be given impunity from deportation?

  5. KM Says:

    U.S. Conference of Mayors President Kevin Johnson, an African American who is mayor of Sacramento, said in a statement, “The nation’s mayors strongly believe that there should have been open-court proceedings in the case of the officer-involved shooting of Michael Brown so that the evidence could have been presented in a public forum, and a verdict could have been rendered by a jury.”

    Apparently trials by jury *without* an indictment is what KJ wants.
    I wonder if he was that gung-ho to go on trial when he was accused of diddling a 16 yr old girl in ’95 and another high school girl in ’07?
    But hey, he was a good point guard so it’s all OK.

  6. John Stephens Says:

    Even if their insurance pays off, what do you think is going to happen to their rates (assuming anyone will cover them at all)?

  7. Don Says:

    “..Our patience cannot be rebuilt.” – So you should burn down a store? Perhaps there are outside agitators, but this really feels more like a temper tantrum than a protest.

    Punching a police officer AND grabbing his gun looks like attempted murder to me. There may be problems with police that need to be addressed, but this isn’t the prototypical example.

  8. Lyle Says:

    The words are just rationalizations and implanted talking points. The motivation is bigotry and rage and the purpose is to spread bigotry and rage.

    If you want to counter that movement in any way, first ask; what is the opposite of bigotry and rage?

  9. NotClauswitz Says:

    This is what 50-years of LBJ’s “Great Society” has delivered: ignorant Thuglife.
    Sacto mayor Kevin Johnson is a former NBA player, we should listen to ex-Jocks when they talk about anything besides shaving cream?

  10. Renegade_Azzy Says:

    Ron, down in Mexico, they would shoot you for thinking about it. Up here, you can talk about thinking about it.

    Land of the free because of something or another, right?

  11. Austrian Anarchy Says:

    What pdb said too. Plus, if this punk had kept his hands to himself he would probably still be alive today.

  12. Paul B Says:

    I think it would be a good break in period for a S.A.W.

    This is a time I think the officer got it right and the perp went down. Any one rampaging for the perp is advocating for a complete break down of society.

    I’m willing to let them reap the just rewards of their request.

  13. SteveA Says:

    It’s kinda funny too, in a sad way.
    I live right outside the city limits of a town that’s 83% black, yet there have been no riots or protests. Might be because us southern rednecks are known for being well armed & happy to oblige anyone with a lead deficiency get a free injection. :))


  14. Tirno Says:

    Lemme get this straight: their patience cannot be rebuilt? So we can expect them to behave like this all the time now? Burning and looting and random gunfire as soon as MSNBC rings their Pavlovian bell?

    How very interesting.

    In completely unrelated news, do you think TacCon will come up with a three mode trigger for that semi-auto M-60?

  15. reloadoften Says:

    To witch I reply:

    I have a gun, it can be reloaded. You have a life, best you keep it longer than I keep my patience.

  16. Gustov Says:

    When I was a boy, my father told me that if I messed with a cops gun or tried to take it from him, the cop would shoot me. I wonder why Mike Browns father never told him this.

  17. Deaf Smith Says:

    “They have insurance. They can rebuild,” said Rhasaan, 42. “The life of Mike Brown can’t be rebuilt. Our patience cannot be rebuilt.”

    So if my patience cannot be ‘rebuilt’ but homes in the ghettos can, does that mean I can burn them down?

    Yes? No?

  18. mariner Says:

    “..Our patience cannot be rebuilt.”

    Neither can ours, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but mine’s running pretty damned low.

  19. LKP Says:

    I have quoted Sigvald’s comment in an e-mail to others. it is spot on!

  20. Jeff from DC Says:

    Welcome to New Detroit. You wont even be able to get fast food in Ferguson because people wont rebuild.

  21. ASM826 Says:

    1st, there won’t be insurance coverage for riot damage. 2nd, even if they had the money to rebuild, most of them won’t. Look at Detroit. They never rebuilt after the riots in the ’60s. Those that could fled. Companies considered it and built their stores elsewhere.

    Ferguson won’t rebuild. There will be no money to do it. Those that have the capital and the skills will make the very sensible decision to invest elsewhere. It will spiral down from here.