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So, riots in Ferguson?

Seems the grand jury finally stopped their stupid shit and did the smart thing by not charging the cop who shot the strong armed robber and violent felon Michael Brown. Good. But thanks for wasting everyone with half of a brain’s conclusion. Now, back to looting.

9 Responses to “So, riots in Ferguson?”

  1. nk Says:


  2. deadcenter Says:

    I note, rioting only in democrat strongholds as of 2200 mtn time.

  3. JimB Says:

    I guess the governor forgot the order to shoot rioters. This “riot if we don’t like it” has got to stop

  4. KM Says:


    LOL! That is sooo stolen.

  5. chris Says:

    They’re not rioting and looting – they are protesting.

    Your phraseology is institutionally racist.

  6. Tam Says:


    That’s the internet for today, kids. Submissions are closed. Thanks for playing.

  7. chris Says:

    I am traveling to St. Louis tomorrow to spend the weekend with family.

    I will pack appropriately.

    My goal is to get interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon on television, not that many people would see and hear the interview since CNN’s has so marginalized itself with its juvenile journalism and silly ideologies.

  8. Sarah Says:

    This is a disgrace. &

  9. Ron W Says:

    I’m reminded that in the LA riots after the police pulled out, some Korean store owners stayed and made the risk too great to loot or burn their properties….using some “why do you need?” items.