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Make fun of Guns and Ammo, that’s a suing

Guns and Ammo, reacting to criticism of their turd of an article, has threatened to sue GunsSaveLife for stealing their photos and slander:

Regarding your website’s illegal use of our photography and slanderous statements about our publication (Guns & Ammo), you have until Nov. 21, 2014 at 8 a.m. CT to remove all content from your website that was stolen and/or improperly quoting our publication.

Well, you did take their photos but so did everyone else. You kind of had to to make fun of the piece.

Still, G&A, not a good move.

21 Responses to “Make fun of Guns and Ammo, that’s a suing”

  1. NotClauswitz Says:

    Oh good-grief, that ridiculous gun-thing’s NOT an April Fools Joke? Srsly??

  2. SPQR Says:

    Guns & Ammo is being an incompetent bully in this matter. The issue of the photo is arguable but the rest of their threats, and the quotes, are not arguable. Black letter law “Fair Use” and they should be called out for the cheap thugs they are.

  3. Jeff from DC Says:

    They were kind of spot on with their assessment.

  4. Alien Says:

    I’ll refrain from expressing my opinion of the Curve, thereby avoiding G&A’s ire.

    But the GSL article did get me to wondering – what if you have a laser-only gun and your attacker is wearing clothing the exact same shade as the laser dot? I’d guess it’s counter productive for the bad guys to wear medium-bright red shirts rather than the traditional black/dark gray. Might be too Star Trek to work otherwise, but it’d defeat the laser. Same for anyone who’s over dependent on mounted lasers and has not trained sufficiently with sights.

  5. Blackwing1 Says:

    Apparently the editors at G&A have never heard of the “Streisand Effect”:

    The impotent threat that they sent will only highlight the editorial/advertising conflict of interest within their organization. Just letting that sleeping dog lie would have been a much better approach.

  6. Paul Kisling Says:

    That is a really weird criticism article. First is the complaint about appendix carry. Appendix carry is the only remotely honest analysis in the criticism and that is solely based on the automatic assumption of wanton Owner Negligence. No other reason.

    Then they criticize the lack of sights saying that a baddy can cover the distance of 21 feet in 1.5 seconds.
    My question is what the hell are you doing firing a .380 from 21 feet anyhow??? Even with regular sights that is a challenge these are NOT exactly target pistols and a laser ain’t going to help that.

    Then they go to criticize the laser and light saying that chances are a bad guy from 6 feet won’t give you the time to turn on the laser or light.(Well No Shit)

    Odd statement that one. I said the laser and light are gimmicks, but giving and example of the difficulty of turning them on at 6 feet or less is possibly the Stupidest statement they could have made.

    At less then 10 feet nobody is going to be turning on anything they are going to be ventilating the bastard. Even with sights I highly doubt anyone at said distances could precisely pull a .380, line up the standard infinitesimal sights that most .380s have, and pull the trigger before the baddy got to them.

    As I said already that leaves us with a weapon that has no sights and a laser/light as purchase gimmick. For its intended role the pistol is more than adequate providing that the owners are not as Incompetent as the critique claims. Short range, last ditch protection.

    Personally I would not have one(unless free) because I want my attacker DEAD not pissed off and me reloading. .380 simply does not guarantee it.

  7. mikee Says:

    Am I the only one to suspect that this pistol is simply a distraction to stop everyone from laughing at the Taurus Judge revolvers?

  8. Joe Mama Says:

    G&A can stuff it. They tried to scam me for a subscription to Shooting Times that I did not order then sent it to collections. Funny thing, they didn’t realize I can read the FDCPA and sent them a screw-you letter. Collection agency withdrew claim with apologies. G&A doesn’t realize I’d spend 10 times the $8 they said I “owed” them. Screw you G&A.

  9. Wyowanderer Says:

    Apparently the editors at G&A have never heard of the “Streisand Effect”:
    I’ll wager they’ve never heard of, either. But I’ll also wager that, on both counts, they’re about to…
    I never read G&A, this just helps me continue that decision. They seem to be a fount of misinformation.

  10. Gun Blobber Says:

    Completely agree with Paul Kisling.

    The gun is presumably as safe as any other pocket .380 on the market, including Taurus’ own TCP 738 (Keltec P3AT copy, which has been done by most major brands including Ruger and S&W). Unsafe usage of any of those guns would be just as unsafe as unsafe usage of this one. Personally I think the curve may be gimmicky, but it works for the intended use case (self defense at short range). I really like the idea of the rounded corners and lack of sights, making it easy to conceal and to withdraw from concealment. As Paul said, it is stupid to criticize its lack of sights / accuracy when its intended usage is clearly at very short range, like any pocket .380 or snubby revolver.

  11. NotClauswitz Says:

    If you throw it hard enough at an attacker it might confuse them, but the rounded corners and curvy shape will reduce the potential for injury or deterrence.

  12. SteveA Says:

    And yet GSL is selling tickets to win a “Whizbang great keltec ksg”, one of the most PoS weapons ever made.
    Guess Keltec slipped them a lil cash.


  13. Sigivald Says:

    Note the latest update – evidently a few adults work for G+A/Intermedia:

    Todd Smith, the VP of Content Development for Intermedia called from New York this morning around 9:30am or so.

    I suspect he’s Dusty’s boss.

    He had a much more conciliatory tone than Dusty’s initial threat-laden demand. In fact, he was pretty nice.

    Mr. Smith said there would be no legal action taken against Guns Save Life.

  14. Jeff from DC Says:

    No, NotClauswitz, it’s the curve-If you throw it at an attacker it will boomerang back to your hand thanks to its sleek, no-angle aerodynamic design. I saw Chris Costa do it from a kneeling position.

  15. BDubya Says:

    My guess is that “Dusty” let his fit of butthurt overwhelm his recollection that he is not an actual, you know, attorney.

    When you are going to threaten folks with “legal action”, you should check with your legal department first, Dusty. Otherwise you may find yourself in a very lonely, financially exposed position.

  16. Paul Kisling Says:

    Something I almost forgot to cover.

    Most accidental shootings are NOT from New Gun owners… The are from OLD gun owners getting Careless.

  17. SPQR Says:

    Sure, argue about GSL’s opinion …. As if that was the issue …

  18. NotClauswitz Says:

    Thanks Jeff-from-DC! Boomerangs are a sneak attack!
    It’s curved, are the bullets curved too and shoot around corners??

  19. Jeff from DC Says:

    Of course it works around corners….because lasers!

  20. Cargosquid Says:

    G&A, according to Gunssavelife have rescinded their threats. Some VP played nice with them.

  21. NotClauswitz Says:

    Lasers are awesome! They should make a laser-fired pistol, striker-fired is so 90’s.

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