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The Taurus Curve looks like a really horrible gun

Let’s start with the obvious. It’s bent:


It’s bent to bend to the curves of your body. Now, most guns are straight up and down. Seems like the curvature would be an ergonomic problem. To curve them to our body, we use holsters. This brings me to the next reason it seems awful. It has a clip on it to tuck it in your pants:


So, you’re tucking a DAO, presumably striker fired, gun into your pants. And I said presumably striker fired because look at that trigger. What is that thing? I don’t even.

Up next, it has no iron sights. At all. Instead, it has a light and a laser that I can’t see how you operate. Which leads me to believe you have to do something to activate them and that they don’t come on when you draw it.

And it sucks for southpaws.

This looks like a bad idea. But Guns and Ammo (source of pics) likes it.

Update: More on why it sucks from Caleb.

Update 2: I should read more blogs before I write since they’re saying the same thing: All about that base

21 Responses to “The Taurus Curve looks like a really horrible gun”

  1. Adam Lawson Says:

    Even if they made a southpaw variant I wouldn’t touch it with a stolen trigger finger.

    I’d be worried about that clip failing (everything fails eventually) and me shooting myself in the femoral artery, or worse, the dick.

  2. HL Says:

    If it said Glock on it, people would flock to it. they may anyway, see “The Judge”.

  3. HL Says:

    Ooh, and iPhone 5’s curve…people seem not to mind.

  4. SteveA Says:

    Hell, if caleb dislikes it that’s a +1,000 in my book.


  5. mikee Says:

    If you’re gonna countour a gun to fit around my fat ass, or at least under my belly and over my hip, should it not be contoured not only along the grip, but also curved along the barrel?

    You know, to achieve that hidden profile of a true concealment pistol?

    What’s that about a curved barrel being impractical? That’s what they said about a .410 shotshell revolver!

  6. j t bolt Says:

    Luckily for me, it is useless for lefties.

  7. Daniel in Brookline Says:

    Good on them for trying something different. My gut tends to agree, this is not practical… so I’m expecting this to be an Edsel.

    But hey, I don’t know everything; I’ve been surprised before. We’ll see.

    And in the meantime, I hope they keep trying out-of-the-box thinking. Even if this idea falls flat, sooner or later another one will have us saying “how come none of us ever thought of this before?”

  8. topofthechain Says:

    Keep in mind, someone, somewhere, finds this an answer to their question, and will lay out money to own this.

  9. nk Says:

    Of course Guns & Ammo likes it. They like everything from their advertisers. I’m thinking that it violates my state’s disguised firearm law.

  10. Bram Says:

    I’m with Daniel – we get better stuff with innovation. This may be great or a dismal failure from which they learn some lessons, but I’m glad they’re trying.

  11. Gerry Says:

    I would like to shoot one before I say it’s a POS.

  12. Critter Says:

    yanno, if curved guns were such a great idear then John Browning would have designed one. and he didn’t so there.

  13. Christian Lowe Says:

    Just a couple quick thoughts. I had the chance to fire this pistol during a media day. There were some critiques, particularly about the trigger. It’s not great for people with big hands either.


    The company says they’ll be making a lefty version soon. Also one without the light and laser.

    Yes, the belt clip position makes it ride a bit low in the pants making it hard to grip for a draw. But it does have a trigger guard mini holster with a lanyard that you attach to your belt loop. You tuck the Curve inside your waistband with the trigger guard attached. When you draw, the trigger guard holster pulls off as the lanyard catches on your belt loop and you’re ready to roll. This method also works for a pocket placement. There was much debate about the holster issue with participants in the shoot. But the trigger guard protector does work.

    Also, no sights…correct. Taurus says they didn’t want any snag issues. But they do have this Bore Axis Sighting system that I didn’t quite understand, but it’s there.

    And yeah, see that little button at the front of the frame? That’s the laser/light activation switch.

    For what it’s worth…

  14. Paul Kisling Says:

    You guys might actually have a valid criticism if the gun was in 9mm and up.

    Its a .380, a Pocket pistol last ditch defense weapon.

    Quite a few .380’s are double action striker fired that have sights, but said sights are too small to be useful.(Might as well not have them then.)

    This gun if for things that happen at 10 feet or less.

    If you cannot hit a man size target 10 feet or less from you offhand then you should enlist a in the local police academy because you shoot like a cop…and are unqualified to carry a gun as a non-cop…

    Not too many people strap a laser and light on their .380. This is because they know what a .380 is for; not because no one would ninjify a .380.
    Chances are the laser and light will never come into play much less sights!

  15. mariner Says:

    If it said Glock on it, people would flock to it. they may anyway, see “The Judge”.

    I’ve tried and tried to find one, but all the ones I saw had “Taurus” on them.

  16. Gun Blobber Says:

    Easy to knock because it’s a Taurus, but I think it’s actually a good idea.

    The end result may look weird, but I find the complete lack of any sharp/snag points to be at least as significant as the curvature.

  17. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Hey, how did these people know I was concave on the left side?

  18. Huck Says:

    “And yeah, see that little button at the front of the frame? That’s the laser/light activation switch.”

    I’ll take iron sights thank you. With those I don’t need any steenkin’ activation switch. And I’m sure that that device uses batteries, something else one dos’nt need with iron sights.

  19. SteveA Says:

    @paul kisling, umm I take it you never tried a S&W bodyguard .380?
    You know, the one with the integral laser?
    I’m also pretty sure if they didn’t sell so well laserlyte, crimson trace, lasermax, etc wouldn’t still have them for sale.


  20. Paul Kisling Says:

    @SteveA. Never tried one. It is indeed nijified and even has the prerequisite tiny sights. I still stand by the viewpoint that in the situation for which such guns were intended to be used lights and laser will not come into play.

    Now say if we use them like a fullsize and turn on the light and laser to sweep the house in the middle of the night I can see how that would bluff a B&E suspect.(I would recommend a full size if you are doing that in a non Piss off the Perp caliber.)

    That being said if I wanted a pocket pistol with lousy sights and double action I would get the 9mm SCCY. That actually has the caliber to do something other than piss off the perp.

  21. John Boch Says:

    Wrote it up at Guns Save Life and called it a “Taurus Turd”. Opined there might be a link between their puff piece and ad $$. (Think Remington R51). For that, they are threatening “legal action”. Via Facebook!