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So, instructor muzzles his own hand. Some shooting from laying down over your feet thing. Weird gun fu. Was that a hi-point? Let some guy handle a shotgun who clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing. I don’t know what a center axis relock is. Ninja crawls. And an AR with more shit on it than Jonathan Gruber.

16 Responses to “Training”

  1. The Duck Says:


  2. JustJohn Says:

    WTF is that? I couldn’t make it past a minute in, the stupid in this video should hurt, then they may stop.

  3. Kasper Says:

    During the tacticool shotgun “training”, the guy in the striped shirt with the pistol grip shotgun fishing shells out of his pocket a la the Rifleman is my new hero…

  4. Bruce Says:

    If I was running a business, that is not the video I would put out to show off my skills. That’s just embarrassing.

  5. HL Says:

    I had to get 4 minutes in before I saw the first scan and assess…WTF?

  6. Other Steve Says:

    There was a LOT wrong there. But shooting between his feet (supine position) there is nothing wrong with. Should be practiced more than it is.

  7. Nolan Says:

    Wow, that video just cured world hunger with all that grain!

  8. Gerry Says:

    +1 Other Steve.

    There is a good chance your going to end up with your ass on the deck in a fight.

  9. harp1034 Says:

    Ah yes, more internet commandos.

  10. Ryan Anderson Says:
    “trains civilians, law enforcement personnel, military, and corporate security operators”
    This explains a lot. If you want to be an operator you need to go to the most operatingest trainers.

  11. KM Says:

    Apparently ‘center axis relock’ is tilting the gun so you are ‘relocked’ without going full gangsta sideways.

    I’ve seen a guy at the range that looked a lot like one of these “instructors”. He was wearing a US Palm soft armor plate carrier. I was going to ask if he planned on taping targets during the live fire sessions but I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to get any words out.

  12. Deaf Smith Says:

    This film reminds me of… GALAXY QUEST!

    Remember when Taggart (Tim Allen) did the ninja roll to sneak up on the alien miners? Hurt his back to…

    Look, I’ve been to a several training schools, lots of IPSC/IDPA, carefully watched many videos of real shootouts, and I’ve never either seen, nor had an instructor, ninja out like these folks.

    I understand in the world of defensive instructors they have to make themselves different from the others to help draw students, but seriously folks, someone is gonna get accidentally shot at these schools one day if they keep up this one-upmanship.

  13. R Daneel Says:

    That is seriously eff’ed from start to finish.


  14. Lyle Says:

    To each his own. Celebrate diversity, and all.

    As for the issue of risk; I point to skiing, auto racing, motocross, even skateboarding, where it is assumed that if you’re in the sport at all, you WILL be injured and/or have a serious accident at some point, and the prospect of being killed is quite real.

    Where we did a lot of skiing it was common to see people being taken down the mountain on “the toboggan” bound up in a neck brace or splints.

    The way some of us talk about shooting activities and safety, if applied to some of these other sports would be be very un-welcome and silly. Spent much time in rodeo? If you get through a career without broken bones, well, you haven’t been in rodeo at all. Look at how many SPECTATORS have been injured or killed in the motor sports. Do you point fingers at those sports and mock them?

    We often talk as if ALL that stuff should be shut down right now, by force of law. Or do you believe that people should have some freedom and liberty, even if it kills them?

    The way we sound sometimes it’s as if we’re all turning into Progressives and Temperance marchers. We’re adopting their attitudes and mannerisms.

    It’s what happens when you’re abused long enough–You take on the identity of the abuser. Watch it.

  15. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    A broken bone, concussion, whatever is one thing, a 230g .45ACP hollowpoint penetration is a often a bit more final. Auto racing, yeah, the comparison is more valid. They do try to mitigate the danger, with rules and equipment… like we do!

    Thing is, though, it would be hard for me to ski someone else into a broken leg, or skateboard someone else into a concussion, unless I was being particularly malicious. With the guns, I can snuff myself or someone else in milliseconds just by negligence.

    Let’s not do things unnecessarily that are generally accepted to be negligent, is all this is about.

  16. KM Says:

    Lyle, in racing & skiing if you are acting unsafe on the track or mountain, you will be given a warning or be told to leave. That same attitude is in place at any shooting range.

    Pointing out goofballs in the industry is not the same as “shut down right now, by force of law“.
    A couple of folks (rightly so) pointed out that being on your back and shooting is a skill that EDC’ers should have. There are good, even GREAT classes out there…this just doesn’t appear to be one of them.