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Heard around the house

My son: Do you have an extra mouse?

Me: It’s in the office, by the desktop computer, under the monitor.

Son: What’s a desktop computer?

Me: *explain*

Son: What’s a monitor?

10 Responses to “Heard around the house”

  1. Joe in Houston(area) Says:

    Fun getting old ain’t it.
    I slipped up recently and told someone to hit the return key. Took a while to explain what a typewriter was.

  2. 277Volt Says:

    Even though I’ve had a DVR for years I still refer to “taping” a show.

  3. hank Says:

    You guys are starting to sound like a broken record…

  4. OH Shawn Says:

    I like this study where the author says ” different models came up with different results, but we think we picked the right one” I’m sure it has nothing to do with the model they picked shows more guns equals more crime.

  5. bob r Says:

    You guys are starting to sound like a broken record…

    Puts me in mind of a skit my dad did:
    My parents worked in a broken record factory but it didn’t affect me .. didn’t affect me .. didn’t affect me .. didn’t affect me ..

    Each “..” was a tick of his head.

    I don’t think the young ones would get it.

  6. Toastrider Says:

    Here’s a fun one for you. Look at most programs which involve a ‘save’ function. How many of them use a little disk icon? I know MS Office does, at least.

    Now how long has it been since you’ve actually USED a floppy disk of some kind?

  7. rickn8or Says:

    I didn’t start to feel old until my son remarked that his friends thought it was “neat how I’d put the dimmer swich on the floor” of my ’71 Nova. (And this was about twenty years ago.

    I got some relief however, when Her Ex-ness asked grandson to “rewind” a DVD so that she could watch a scene over again. She was met with a blank stare of non-comprehension.

  8. Huck Says:

    “What’s a monitor?”

    That’s a turreted Ironclad Warship son.

  9. Diane Says:

    For fun, think ahead 30 years and wonder what we’ll think of the things we have now: Twitter, smartphones, etc. What’s going to replace them?

  10. Ron W Says:

    I worked with an “old school” orthopedic surgeon who sometimes opined, “ain’t no need to reinvent the wheel”.

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