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So, if I get this straight

The NY Times is advocating for concealed carry without restrictions?

9 Responses to “So, if I get this straight”

  1. wizardpc Says:

    So much fail there. They admit that Texas has additional, objective criteria for denying a permit, but don’t say it’s that additional, objective criteria that is the reason for denial.

    They mention that Texas has an objective “good judgment” criteria and suggest that is where the denials are happening. Then then point out that other states are May Issue…but don’t bother reporting the black vs white denial rate.

  2. Alien Says:

    Typical leftie PSH and fabrications. Most states issue a state ID either free or very low cost (SC, for example, issues for free if you’re 17 or older, and TX issues Election ID cards free). So, anyone who needs a state-issued photo ID can get one free.

    From the state web site,

    Here is a list of the acceptable forms of photo ID:

    Texas driver license issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS)
    Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS
    Texas personal identification card issued by DPS
    Texas concealed handgun license issued by DPS
    United States military identification card containing the personís photograph
    United States citizenship certificate containing the personís photograph
    United States passport

    I can’t tell if they’re arguing that all forms of ID should be free, anyone with pulse and respiration shoudl be allowed to vote with or without ID, or a CWP should be issued to everyone. If what they really want is carry without a CWP requirement, I’m on board with that.

  3. Adam Lawson Says:

    When my state passed photo ID, part of the change was to allow for a free state issued photo ID. Until that law passed I believe they cost the same as a DL.

    As for the rejections — what are the reasons, I wonder?

    I do not for one second believe that someone is processing applications and rejecting them solely based on race.

  4. mikee Says:

    The NY Times wants no ID for voting, but also wants to claim obtaining ID in Texas is racist, using nonsensical arguments.

    The Times does a simple, common and completely dishonest numerical sleight of hand in their opinion piece – they use percentages by race to describe an outcome, CHL denials, without providing raw numbers of applicants by race.

    This is an argument of outcome based racial disparity. This bullshit just recently was struck down hard by a circuit court. The court rebuked the Holder DOJ for using what the court considered not just a lawerly trick, but this kind of damned illegitimate argument, in trying to charge racism where there was none.

    The NY Times does not provide raw numbers for denials, because that would show the low number (and low percentage) of blacks applying for CHLs compared with whites (partly because of demographics, partly because of costs, partly because of cultural differences, I would guess). And the Times implies, while noting the data is unavailable, that the reason for the denials is racist, when there is a much more likely cause cited in the article: past due child support, taxes, and restraining orders.

    The NY Times does no reader a service in presenting a false argument with inadequate data for the reader to determine the illegitimacy of the claims made.

  5. bob r Says:

    I’m *much* more concerned about a man with a *vote* than I am about a man with gun. Registering to vote should be more challenging than “registering” to carry a gun.

  6. Paul Kisling Says:

    North Carolina recently updated the law that the Sheriff cannot just reject the license out of hand like they used to do. Now they have to give a Legal Cause and that can be appealed to the AG.

  7. Rob K Says:

    When they pulled Indiana in, they showed conclusively they’re full of it. There is no discretion at all in Indiana’s licensing. If an applicant has paid his fee and is not a prohibited person, the license must be issued, per our state supreme court (Schubert v Debard).

  8. Ron W Says:

    Isn’t it UNLAWFUL for the government to require a license or permit to exercise a right?

  9. Roberta X Says:

    Yeah, what Rob said. It would be interesting to know the reason for denial, as in Indiana if you are a resident and able to legally purchase a gun, you’re able to get a carry permit.

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